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Jully Black changes lyrics to 'O Canada' again while performing in Toronto

Canadian singer and songwriter Jully Black delivered yet another powerful performance of her slightly-altered version of "O Canada" at a convocation in Toronto this week. 

Back in February, the R&B singer sang the Canadian national anthem at the 2023 NBA All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Instead of signing the traditional lyrics of "our home and native land," Black sang "our home on native land" with respect to Indigenous peoples in Canada, as well as the country's theft of Indigenous land. 

The modified rendition of the century-old anthem prompted lots of meaningful discussions on social media, with many calling for Black's version to be made permanent

Black sang the changed lyrics once again at the Toronto Metropolitan University's (TMU) Lincoln Alexander School of Law convocation this week. 

The school, which first launched in 2020, says it is committed to "indigenizing legal education now and into the future," with all first-year students required to take an Indigenous and Aboriginal Law course. 

"We stand on Indigenous, Native, First Peoples land. I look out, and I see a room full of courage. A room full of game-changers, truth-tellers, history makers. A room full of our ancestors' wildest dreams and your ancestor's biggest nightmare. We are much better together," Black said to the audience after her performance. 

In April, Black was honoured by the Assembly of First Nations for her rendition of the Canadian national anthem. 

The singer previously told CBC that she "followed a feeling" when preparing for the anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. 

"I woke with the feeling of how do I make this moment meaningful? How do I make this opportunity impactful for all of Canada?" Black said. "I contacted a few of my friends who are Indigenous, and getting their blessing is what made me go through with it." 

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