queer latin dance party

I went to a queer Latin cabaret show in Toronto and here's what happened

Marikass, a queer Latin dance party, held it's second event at the DROM Taberna on Feb., 16. With a night filled with queer love and cabaret, the energy and passion from performers and partygoers filled the room. 

I got the chance to experience my first cabaret show in the city, and let me tell you Marikass put on a show. The queer cabaret show really proved the performers creativity was limitless. 

latin cabaret show

Three performers were set to showcase including host Sebastian Urmom, including three more additional performers through open calls.

With performances from host Sebastian Urmom and Calypso Cosmic, plus sounds from DJs Escobutt and Firecracker. The night also had an open call for performers, with four performances from on their open stage roster.

Filled with post-Valentine's day love, everyone in the room were ready to give the night their all. I spoke with organizers at Marikass, Fer, Jessica and Anna about their second edition of Marikass. 

"Marikass was created as we were looking for something queer and Latin centered," said Fer. "The most important thing is creating a community to celebrate identities [in Toronto.]"

latin cabaret show

At Drom Taberna, a night of queer Latin cabaret captured the attendees hearts during Valentine's Day week.

First up, was Calypso. Iconic from the start, running up and down the stage, they spun their way through the crowd.

At one point, the audience made a path, with phone flashlights lighting up this DIY runway. Their stardom skyrocketed from there as they danced through the path. 

With Sebastian Urmom up next, the drag prince captivated the stage to engage the audience, especially with their rendition of Tennessee Whisky.

Watching Calypso and host Sebastian Urmom up on stage together was this perfect symbiotic dynamic. If we're lucky enough, the two will join forces and start a podcast, or talk show, or anything honestly. I'd be first in line to listen. 

latin cabaret show

After the performances, partygoers got to dance to the sounds of the last DJ, Firecracker.

Black Smoke closed the scheduled line-up donned in a gold suit jacket, serenading Sebastian Urmom and the crowd with every inch of the stage.

"One of things [I was] most excited to see was the open stage performers, you know we want to showcase all the talents we have," said Fer. "Drag, music, poetry, even if it's not cabaret style if someone comes up to us and says 'this is what I have to offer, we'd be more than happy to make space for them."

Marikass's open stage was probably the most interesting aspect of the night. From a rendition of Follies 'Losing My Mind' in a beautiful red-tulle dress, a Bjork-esque butterfly infused performance of unique sounds and movements to a dynamic performance through Ariana Grande tracks. 

latin cabaret show

Marikass plan to continue their events throughout the year with a queer Latin focus.

With the jam-packed performances, the night left a lot of energy amongst the crowd. Till close, partygoers danced to the sounds of DJ Escobutt, from their friends to their partners. 

You can catch the next Marikass on March 18, the location and theme has not been determined yet.

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Rhea Singh

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