Which One Of Us Are You

New documentary takes a closer look at Toronto's music scene

'Which One Of Us Are You?', a mini-documentary showcasing artists in the city, premiered at the Drake Underground on Feb., 19. The production was a collaboration of Gearless Studio and Outtaline

The 10-minute documentary was presented alongside four performers featured in the film, from No Tourist, H8 Music, Möel and Terrell Morris

WOOUAY reflects on the work of young artists in the city, from production to what their tracks mean to them. In many ways, you get an intimate few at the inner thoughts of many of these artists.

Toronto as a music-city breeds incredible sounds, especially in RnB, hip hop and rap. Aside from more famous faces like Drake and The Weeknd, our scene is a lot more intricate than our stereotype. 

drake documentary screening

Moel, a Toronto-based musician, is the first act up on stage for the documentary premier. 

Love, loss and poetic growth find themselves at the heart of many of these tracks. If you get the chance to ever hear these artists perform live, get those tickets. 

Nothing beats hearing Moel belt his heart out to the light sounds of a trumpet. It will make you cry in public with no shame. 

Before the show began, I was able to gain some insight on the artists and the production of the documentary through two key members and organizers of the event; Kevin Kudu the director and Connor Dunner the producer of the documentary. 

drake documentary screening

No Tourist performed second at the show, closing with their iconic song DUMBO.

RS: Where did the idea for WOOUAY come from?

KK: A while ago we started doing a documentary about our friends in the community, it was supposed to be just about our friends in terms of music and then it kept going and growing.

We aimed at focusing this on a small microcosm of the music scene in Toronto, we felt that like the community that is our friends, is representative of the dozens of communities that exist in Toronto and all over Canada.

So we just kind of wanted to highlight it more for an archive of what is happening in music in Toronto right now. 

CD: Yeah, you know we started from an event production background and that's how we got to know everyone in this community. For these artists that we've known over time, we wanted to capture it in this time capsule of this moment that these guys were all making music.

Asking, what were they doing? What were they thinking? What were their perceptions?

This took 18 month to come together, mainly through the pandemic as well.drake documentary screening

The crowd was packed as soon as doors opened, with fans, friends and family members taking over the crowd.

RS: So it's documenting at its core for history's sake?

CD: Yeah, telling their story really is the main thing for us. 

KK: The goal is if we can inspire anyone else through this to document the industry that exists in Toronto that would be amazing. 

RS: What's important about archiving when you have social platforms that already exist for this?

CD:  We know what's compelling about these guys, everyone's journey, and what they've all been through as artists and what they're struggling with. We want to be able to showcase that in a way that, you know, people can relate to. 

Especially like how we can tell their stories and perspectives and that may be reflective of everyone else that is making music and striving towards the same thing in Toronto. 

drake documentary screening

Terrell Morris who performed and was featured in the documentary spoke of their process in the 10-minute film.

RS: Why No Tourist, Moel, H8 Music and Terrell Morris? What makes these artists worth documenting?

KK: We've known some of these artists for seven or ten years now. Before, some of them weren't even making music at the time, some of them started making music, some have changed career track trajectories a bunch as well. We've seen them grow. 

This documentary is specific about our friend group, it's not representative of the whole hip-hop scene in Toronto. 

CD:  I think it's important to tell the stories of our friends where it's been hard and where it's been good for them. The reality of it all.

Lead photo by

Rhea Singh

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