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Shawn Mendes saves suburban moms in the newest episode of Family Guy

Like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and acclaimed Canadian songstress Anne Murray before him, Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes has been immortalized in an episode of Family Guy.

The 24-year-old musician, who lives in Toronto (most of the time), voiced himself in Season 21, Episode 10 of the long-running animated series, interacting briefly with Lois at a coffee shop.

The scene opens with Stewie telling Brian that he'd hacked the system at Lois' favourite coffee shop so that they could only accept Apple Pay.

When Lois tries to pay for her drink with cash, the barista gives her this confusing news.

"Ah, what? Is that on my computer?" she asks when told that she needed to use Apple Pay.

"Yeah, and if you don't have it, we're going to have to take the coffee back," the barista replies, sliding back the coffee she had previously served to Lois.

"You'll do no such thing!" booms a voice from off-screen.

Lois turns around to find a heroic Shawn Mendes behind her, wearing a cream-coloured suit, a deep V-cut vest and a necklace. His gorgeous flowing locks somehow look even more beautiful in animated form.

"Shawn Mendes!" shouts the Griffin family matriarch.

"Wherever a suburban mom is having trouble with a phone thing, I'll be there. Give me your phone," says the Canadian crooner in a chivalrous tone, similar to one used by the voice actor who portrayed a valiant, goose-riding Justin Trudeau in Season 17, Episode 11.

Mendes helps Lois pay with her phone and then, after hearing another woman complain about a menu being online, he literally flies away — again, just like Family Guy's Trudeau.

"I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere," says the Pickering-born superstar. His name then appears on the screen in large, shining letters as "Shawwwn Men-des!" is sung in the tone of the classic "By Mennen" jingle.

It's a short scene, but a cute one that Mendes was likely thrilled to perform for Family Guy, as a 24-year-old North American male. That, or he was paid a boatload of money...

Either way, I'm here for it.

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