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Paramore's Hayley Williams stops concert in Toronto to break up audience fight

Powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, entrepreneur and true pop-punk icon Hayley Williams (of Paramore fame) is making headlines this week for dead-azz stopping an intimate show in Toronto to discipline some feuding fans.

Paramore, a Tenessee-born rock band that first rose to fame back in the oughties but maintains a strong fan base due to their awesomeness, is currently on tour in North America to promote their forthcoming album, This Is Why.

The band's sixth studio album, This Is Why is scheduled for a full release in just a few months, on Feb. 10 of 2023, and marks the first new record for the band since 2017's After Laughter.

Needless to say, fans of the American rock band are stoked; A show at the Drake-affiliated, Toronto concert venue History earlier this week was completely sold out.

The Nov. 7  concert was a smashing success, judging by fan reaction, and the band did a great job in getting additional press for their cause — whether intentional or not — by indulging in a little bit of drama.

As ample video evidence posted to Twitter, Instagram and TikTok show, Williams decided to stop the show mid-song at one point to keep her fans in line.

"Stop," she said at one point, prompting the rest of the band to... well, stop. "Everyone okay?"

It comes to her attention that a fight had broken out.

"Oh man, what do you guys think this is? A terror show? We're not a hardcore band bro, come on. We're gunna dance tonight, we're gunna have fun, or we're not gunna do it," says the 33-year-old Mississippi native in the video.

"You okay? Are you okay? Do you want to split up?" she asks the involved parties. "Got me up here acting like a teacher. Detention, for everyone."

The audience is eating this up, obviously, and it didn't take long for the band to resume their set.

"Are you okay out there now? You good?" she concludes after warning that she had better not need to stop the show again. "Thank you for taking care of yourself and each other... Jesus Christ... Where were we?"

Those who weren't lucky enough to score tickets to this show will be pleased to note that Paramore returns to Toronto on June 8 for a much bigger — and hopefully less-violent — show at Scotiabank Arena.

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