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Drake haters choke on their lies as Spotify releases most-streamed artists of 2022

For all of the tough guys who loooove to brag about hating Drake, there sure seem to be a lot of Drake fans out there in the world — so many that the Toronto rapper has, once again, earned the title of Canada's most-streamed artist for the 600,000,000th consecutive year in a row.

Spotify released its highly-anticipated annual Wrapped experience on Wednesday, giving its roughly 456 million listeners (and everybody else in the world) a glimpse into which artists and songs dominated the charts.

Drake took the number one spot in both Canada and the U.S., but was beaten out on the global charts by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, who was ranked the most-streamed artist globally for the third year in a row for 2022.

Taylor Swift came in second, globally, giving Drake the bronze medal — though it's significant that audiences in Canada and the U.S. both preferred Drizzy to Swift and any other artist on the planet.

The Weeknd and BTS took spots 4 and 5 globally, though the former artist — also hailing from Toronto — did earn himself the honour of most-streamed album by a Canadian artist with Dawn FM.

You can read all of the breakdowns here if you're interested, but I'd rather talk about Twitter's reaction to the sustained dominance of Drake on individual Spotify Wrapped lists, and the incredulous reactions of so many people who once are stunned that they listened to Mr. Graham more than any other artist.

He may have come in third globally, but Drake was the most-listened to artist for many individual users in 2022. Again.

The annual flood of people questioning "why is Drake on my Wrapped list?" every year has itself become a meme of sorts.

TikTok is blowing up with posts about the surprise appearance of Drake on personal most-played lists.

Many seem confused once again to see Drake in their Top 5, but it does make sense that he'd be listened to quite a bit after dropping multiple albums (Honestly, Nevermind and Her Loss) over the past 12 months.

And yet, despite what the data shows, there are still haters out there who swear they barely listened to Drake in 2022, regardless of what Spotify shows.

As one Twitter user so perfectly summed up the phenomenon: "The whole point of Spotify Wrapped is to show you how much Drake you didn't realize you listened to."

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