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Toronto Bike Share rentals are so confusing even a mega rock star couldn't figure it out

A very famous frontman to a huge band had some trouble renting a bike from Toronto's sharing program and was helped by a sweet family.

Kevin Cronin of multi-platinum, 1980s' chart-topping REO Speedwagon is out and about in the city today, ahead of the band's Tuesday night show at Budweiser Stage.

And like a true tourist, Cronin decided to explore the city by bike. Or so he thought.

According to a Facebook post from the longtime REO Speedwagon vocalist, he told his followers he unsuccessfully attempted to rent a bike from a kiosk in the city.

Thankfully (and in true Canadian behaviour), a family of cyclists spotted Cronin and helped him out of his bike-less sitation.

"Hi friends, while I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to rent a bicycle from a kiosk here in Toronto this afternoon, a super-friendly family went out of their way, and offered me one of their rental bikes!" read the beginning of Cronin's post.

The selfless family insisted Cronin take one of their bikes and declined to accept any monetary exchange for their kindness - including tickets to Tuesday's show.

"They refused to take no for an answer, nor would they accept any token of my appreciation…including free concert tickets for Tuesday night at Budweiser Stage."

Cronin expressed his gratitude and reaffirmation into human kindness, all thanks to a local family.

"They didn't recognize me, and had no selfish motives… they were simply being nice." It seems the experience left the rocker with a positive mindset and overall high spirits.

"We all need reaffirmation of the intrinsic kindness in human nature, and I got my daily reminder here in Toronto," finished his post.

In the two hours since publishing his experience, tons of people in Toronto and across the country have engaged with the post on social media, also sharing their takes on it.

This success story comes as many people have complained and expressed their frustration about how difficult it is to use Toronto Bike Share's equipment, including payment options.

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REO Speedwagon

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