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Vancouver student travels to Toronto to experience third Bieber cancellation in a row

Namira Mamnuat is a dedicated Justin Bieber fan that has tried to come out to the popular artist's concerts on three separate occasions. 

Every single one of those shows got cancelled, leaving her, and thousands of other Bieber fans, heavily disappointed. According to Namira, the latest show in Toronto was the worst. 

"I was devastated," said Mamnuat.

"This one was the worst because it [got cancelled] only hours before. I had already worked on my poster for four hours the night before. I was stalking Justin on Instagram and that's when I saw that he posted a story [about the cancellation] and I just started having a severe mental breakdown."

Bieber posted an apology on his Instagram story that read, "Can't believe I'm saying this, I've done everything to get better but my sickness is getting worse. My heart breaks that I will have to postpone these next few shows (doctors orders). To all my people I love you all so much and I'm gonna rest and get better!"

Many fans have since taken to social media to express their frustrations about the cancellation, sharing similar experiences to Mamnuat's. 

Mamnuat is an international student that is currently studying and living in Vancouver, and blogTO discovered her experience during a live interview at Bieber's Justice World Tour merch pop-up.

She had used up all her savings for the flight to see Bieber in Toronto and had already arrived in the city when she found out that the show wasn't going to happen. 

This is the third time she bought tickets to see Justin, previously experiencing cancellations for a show in Singapore (thankfully getting reimbursed for both the ticket and flight there), and another show which got canceled during the lockdown along with hundreds of other live concerts and events. 

When asked if she would ever consider seeing him again, Mamnuat said that she would likely buy tickets despite currently being upset. 

"At the end of the day, I've waited years for this. For me, Justin is someone I've loved since I was a really young kid, and that love is embedded within me."

The "Sorry" singer has other concerts scheduled in Washington and New York City, and he has yet to announce whether those will be affected as well. 

For now, Toronto fans are waiting for details on the postponed shows so they can (hopefully) catch him next time he's around. 

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