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Mayhem ensues at Toronto concert after fans line up for several hours in the rain

The long-anticipated Phoebe Bridgers concert at RBC Echo Beach this week had young fans lining up for as long as 12 hours in the pouring rain.

Many were dreaming of being front row at the Grammy-nominated musician's show, which was general admission and essentially held within a sand pit.

Unfortunately, the excitement for the show turned into concern, as the "Kyoto" singer reportedly had to pause the concert at least five times for audience members to receive medical attention.

As a general admission show with no seats, standing spots are first-come first-serve, leading many to potentially skip essential care items like water, food and rest in order to hold their place in line or at the front of the stage.

For context, it rained for at least eight hours before the show on Tuesday night, and dedicated fans who'd decided to camp out for hours were likely exhausted.

According to CTV, paramedics confirmed that two people were taken to hospital with "minor injuries" while others in the crowd "fell unconscious" during the event. 

Some concert-goers told news outlets they witnessed aggressive behaviour, pushing and injuries. Someone even saw a "girl get punched" to the point of bleeding. 

Attendees are calling on concert organizers and the venue to do better.

In a statement to the Toronto Star, a spokesperson for Live Nation explained that "Last night's show was proactively paused a few times so medical staff could assist fans who were experiencing dehydration. Safety is always our top priority and we worked in close collaboration with medical authorities throughout the evening."

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