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DJs gets stuck in Gardiner traffic and almost missed their Toronto show

Being late to a concert and fear of missing the main act has to be one of the worst feelings. Imagine being the actual band and almost missing your show because of the traffic on the Gardiner.

Toronto EDM duo Loud Luxury were on their way to Cabana Pool Bar to kick off a summer full of parties when they got stuck in traffic due to all the road closures.

In a video posted to their Instagram account, the pair document their process of almost missing their set.

"If you're new here you might not know that we've been waiting 3 years to play our beloved hometown - Toronto. After taking countless L's between restrictions and cancellation we finally made it home..." the pair caption their Instagram post.

In the video, the duo joke about having to live stream their show in the car due to all the traffic.

They even pointed out that fans going to the show were all getting out of their Ubers to walk to the venue which also gave them the idea to ditch their car and head to the venue on foot.

Loud Luxury started running to the venue, with Joe Depace joking to the cameraman to get a cool shot of them running. Andrew Fedyk can be seen trying to catch his breath, saying that he was so out of shape.

Depace and Fedyk are then seen running just like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean all the way to the venue to make it in time for the set.

"We made, we did it. We gotta keep it interesting," Depace says as they get to the venue just a few minutes late.

Fans were quick to comment on the post, laughing at the duo running to the venue.

"Dkm running to the venue classic Toronto traffic probz," one user joked.

"That video is too funny because my friend & I did the exact same thing," another user commented.

Hopefully the next time Loud Luxury have another hometown show, they'll take into account all the Toronto traffic and road closures before heading down to the venue.

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