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Police and airport authorities confirm that BTS are not in Toronto

Sorry BTS stans; despite what you may have heard on Twitter, the wildly-popular South Korean boy band is not in Toronto at the moment, and I have this on very good authority.

Both Peel Provincial Police and the GTAA, which owns and operates Toronto's Pearson International Airport, have come out publicly on Twitter to confirm that BTS isn't chilling in The 6ix.

The reasons behind why officials working for either agency would even care to make such a statement is a bit murky, but here's what we've learned.

The Dallas Fort Worth airport published a tweet on Wednesday evening showing an American Airlines flight touching down beautifully on their runway in in Texas.

"Somebody better call [BTS], because that landing was smooth. like. butter!" wrote the airport, referencing lyrics from one of the band's songs and tagging the notoriously passionate #BTSArmy.

Someone replying to that tweet tagged Toronto's Pearson International Airport for whateever reason, saying "we want to be part of the borahaefication right?  Let’s go!!!  Summoning all maple ARMY, let's manifest together!"

Perhaps confused as to what the Twitter user was asking for, Pearson replied (citing Twitter) to say that " no concerts are scheduled in Toronto, Hamilton and GTA area. We have no other information to provide at this time."

Within half an hour, Peel Regional Police (which has jurisdiction over Pearson based on where it's located) followed up to say: "We've confirmed with our confidential informants and can confirm what Toronto Pearson has stated. According to Twitter there are no [BTS] concerts scheduled at this time in #Toronto or the GTA."

As it turns out, airports all over the world had been using BTS lyrics on Twitter to describe operations. It's become a meme of sorts, but Pearson and Peel Regional Police didn't catch on at first.

"OMG toronto pearson absolutely dropping the ball on this bts lovefest," one K-pop fan chided.

"Airports around the world: Let’s have fun with #BTS and #BTSARMY!" wrote another. "Toronto's Pearson Airport: *calls the police*"

It may have been a bit too late to properly participate in the joke, but it looks like Pearson finally got the memo.

"We'd be in the stars tonight if BTS booked a concert in Toronto too!" the airport has been tweeting at confused fans who, amid all of the Twitter flurry, seem to think that the boy band may actually be in Toronto.

Sadly, they don't appear to be, but those pandemic-cancelled BTS concerts will almost certainly be rescheduled at one point.

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