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Popular Toronto music venue is going cashless and people are upset

During restrictions, cashless forms of payment were a more favourable way to pay for items and minimize contact with others.

Being able to pay for things simply with a tap of a card or phone has allowed many establishments to move to a cashless system. A popular Toronto music venue has decided that it will be completely cashless going forward, and this decision has made people upset.

Posted on their social media, the Danforth Music Hall announced that it will become a cashless venue moving forward, with debit cards, major credit cards, and mobile payments being the only ways of payment.

"Please be aware that when attending shows that we will no longer be accepting non-electronic forms of payment," said the venue in an Instagram caption.

"I have no issues with it. I hate carrying around actual money on me and makes it faster and less contact transmission," one person wrote.

"This is a good thing. Having to wait in the ATM line to get a couple of beers was a bummer," another wrote.

While others are okay with this decision, some are upset at this news.

"Boooooo this is extremely disappointing. #gowokegobroke" one person commented.

Another person questioned why the venue can't just accept all forms of payment.

"Never going to a show here again," another upset person commented.

While the reaction has been mixed, some have also questioned whether this rule will impact fans who want to buy merch.

"Does that go for the merch tables too? Or should fans still expect cash if they plan to buy merch?" a concerned concertgoer wrote.

Cashless venues are certainly becoming more popular, with Scotiabank Arena already operating as a cashless venue for a safe and speedy checkout.

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