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BTS concert coming to Cineplex and fans are begging to know which Toronto theatres

If you were bummed out that BTS had to cancel their Toronto date last year well then I've got some exciting news for you. BTS has just announced that a live concert broadcast is coming to theatres across the world next month and fans are begging Cineplex to release theatre listings.

The successful K-Pop group will be performing three back-to-back shows at the Olympic Stadium in Korea, with one of the shows being live broadcasted around the world for international fans to see.

Luckily for Canadian fans, the concert broadcast will be coming to theatres nationwide.

Fans can't seem to contain their excitement, writing how excited they are to see the concert.

Others have begged Cineplex to drop the theatre locations already so they can start planning where they should buy tickets.

Cineplex has yet to announce the theatre list, as they're still confirming theatres.

This doesn't stop fans from expressing how desperate they are to know where the concert will be streaming at.

Fans have asked the company to release theatre locations before tickets go on sale, so they can plan accordingly.

Many are hoping that the concert will be streaming at a theatre near them.

One person even suggested that Cineplex play the broadcast of the concert in all of its theatres.

Some international fans have even asked the company to have a showing in their country even though Cineplex is a Canadian company.

Permission To Dance On Stage will be broadcasted nationwide at Cineplex theatres on Mar. 12.

Tickets go on sale on Feb. 22 at 10:00 a.m. but make sure to act quickly if you want the chance to see the concert because I've never seen a fanbase as quick and dedicated as the BTS Army.

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