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Shawn Mendes teases new song and fans in Toronto can't wait to hear it

Shawn Mendes came out with a new, made-in-Toronto music video just last week, and now he's already teasing a clip of a brand new song.

Suffice to say, fans are going absolutely nuts over the clip the Ontario-born pop star posted to Instagram, and can't wait to hear the whole thing.

The video clip starts out with Mendes holding a phone playing the song, which sounds tinny in the background and then goes full volume as the clip transitions to other video of a recording studio.

He captioned the video simply by writing, "y'all dig this?"

"I dig your new song like how I would dig for diamonds in Minecraft if I wasn't scared of caves," one fan responded.

One fan says the song, which sounds like it'll be more upbeat than his most recent slow ballad It'll Be Okay, has major "rhythm and vibes."

Another person said it was a perfect song to boost moods.

Twitter account "did shawn mendes release an album today?," which gives daily updates on whether Shawn Mendes released an album that day or not, celebrated the potential of a brand new song with an Office GIF.

Mendes hasn't released a fuller version of the song, or let fans in on what it might be called yet.

However, that's not stopping one person from listening to the clip on repeat.

Another person even said it was already their new favourite song.

Mostly, people just want the whole thing released ASAP.

Some people are even joking around with tweets implying they'd bribe Mendes for the release.

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