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New Shawn Mendes video just dropped and people are loving how Toronto looks in it

People are loving not only how Shawn Mendes looks in his new video, but the look of its Toronto backdrop as well.

The new music video for It'll Be Okay just dropped today, a soulful ballad that many interpret as being about Mendes' recent breakup with Camila Cabello.

The pop star was recently spotted shooting the video in Berczy Park and the surrounding area in Toronto, driving fans wild with anticipation.

Now the video is out, and the reactions are pouring in. Mendes walks the streets of Toronto in the video, snow sprinkling down on him.

One person remarked that seeing Toronto in the video brought back memories of the city.

Someone else simply wrote on Twitter that the city "looks gorgeous" in the video.

Another person tweeted that the skyline looks "beautiful" in the video.

Virgin Radio Toronto called the choice of Toronto background "the perfect moody setting."

Someone even said that watching the video made them miss Toronto.

Another person commented that Shawn Mendes and Toronto go "hand in hand" (he does live here).

Mendes introduced the video before the premiere live on YouTube, saying that although it was a freezing cold night and he kept getting fake snow in his mouth, it was nice to be able to shoot in Toronto and see the city where he lives in a music video.

It's not the first time Shawn Mendes has shot a music video in Toronto: George Street Diner has also been the setting for one of his videos.

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