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Local band creates love letter to Toronto intersection

Toronto intersections are connection points for main arteries of the city, and a local band just shot the dreamiest music video at one of their favourites.

Twin Rains released their music video for Believe it All this week, which was shot at Bloor and Dufferin in July 2021. Their goal was to make the ordinary, everyday spot look beautiful, and it feels like they somehow managed to succeed.

Shot in black and white, the slow, breathy song plays as singer Christine Stoesser twirls around in a flowing white dress, holding a megaphone and a sign reading "world of illusion." The 29 bus rumbles into Dufferin station in the background.

Many Toronto musicians have likely spent too much time waiting for that particular bus at that stop, as it's only a short ride to Geary's Rehearsal Factory from there.

"We chose Bloor and Dufferin specifically because we live near there, and hear a lot of people preaching on the corner," Stoesser tells blogTO.

"Our first creative meeting about making the video was at the Bloordale Beach where we established a mutual intention to make the intersection of Bloor and Dufferin, not necessarily the prettiest part of town, look absolutely beautiful."

Twin Rains is a Canadian dream pop duo, which consists of Jay Merrow along with Stoesser.

They met as roommates in 2009 and immediately started making music together, becoming founding members of the band Make Me Young.

Twin Rains was actually founded during a period where the pair moved out to the west coast, but this new video is all Toronto. It was directed and filmed by Jonathan Staav (who also lives near Bloor and Dufferin) and Viktor Cahoj, and was edited by Samantha D'Alessio

"Shooting this very public video was a little terrifying," says Stoesser.

"Jon and Viktor Cahoj, who directed and filmed the video, were working with some serious cameras and lenses, and also set up a generator to power a spotlight, right on the sidewalk of Bloor, so it was quite a spectacle."

If you want to see Twin Rains perform live, you can catch them at the Monarch Tavern on Nov. 25 playing a release show for their sophomore LP Unreal City (which comes out Nov. 19).

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Julia Nathanson

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