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Toronto Mayor John Tory just proclaimed a special day for The Weeknd

By the proclamation of His Worship John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, February 7 of 2021 will henceforth go down in local history as "The Weeknd Day."

Thrilled with the Scarborough native's historic Super Bowl haltime show booking, Mayor Tory declared yesterday "The Weeknd Day" in honour of the 30-year-old singer and his achievements to date.

"Proud to proclaim February 7th The Weeknd Day in Toronto as we honour The Weeknd, who is performing today at the Super Bowl," tweeted Tory ahead of the highly-anticipated performance.

"Torontonians are cheering on proudly as he takes the stage at the halftime show."

Along with his message of support, Tory tweeted out an official proclamation document declaring yesterday "The Weeknd Day" in the City of Toronto.

"Whereas The Weeknd is a multiple Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and record producer, hailing from Toronto, who has quickly become one of the world's most popular musicians with over 75 million records sold world-wide and the #1 and #2 R&B streaming albums in history," reads the proclamation.

"This Sunday – on Super Bowl Sunday – we celebrate The Weeknd as he becomes the first Canadian to headline a solo halftime show and only the third Canadian ever to perform live at one of the world's most-watched events."

"Millions of people will be watching him and cheering him on but we know Scarborough, a community he continues to support, will be cheering the loudest!" wrote Tory, accurately predicting how the artist's home borough would react.

"The Weekend has become a global pop superstar known for his unmistakeable vocals and song writing, seamlessly blending Pop, R&B and Hip Hip influences filtered through his unique production style."

While surely a great honour, the formal "day" only applies to February 7 of 2021. Tory also tends to declare new "days" nearly every 24 hours, some of them more impactful than others.

To wit; Just hours after proclaiming February 7 "The Weeknd Day" in Toronto, Tory tweeted out another proclamation deeming the day "International Clash Day" in Toronto.

"Today cities around the world mark the band's pioneering sound that has influenced countless artists throughout the decades," wrote Tory of the British punk rock legends.

"Is it Weeknd day or Cash day?" wrote one Twitter user in response.

Tory didn't answer, so we're guessing "both."

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