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People are freaking out over how nice Drake's new yacht is

While the rest of us have been suffering under lockdown by working long days alone inside our tiny apartments or patiently waiting on our next CRB or EI payment, Drake has continued living his characteristically lavish lifestyle, which has so far in 2021 included enjoying a brand new yacht.

The rapper, who spent his free time earlier in the pandemic showing off footage of his sumptuous Toronto estate and relaxing on a beach in Barbados, made a cryptic social media post this week that appeared to show a hallway of a lavish home, though not one fans had seen before.

Upon a closer inspection, one picks up on the fine print reading "Yacht finishes all 2021," revealing that the shot was taken not inside a mansion, but a boat.

drake yachtMore recent stories from the superstar's Instagram account in the last 24 hours show him driving up in a golf cart to a waterfront area of some sort at an unnamed location, where multiple extravagant yachts can be seen docked up ahead.

One of them is, ostensibly, Drizzy's own multi-million dollar baby.

Speaking as someone who has never stepped foot on any sort of yacht in her life, it's hard to imagine what sort of luxe furnishings Aubrey would have decked his new, surely custom purchase out in, but if the sole photo cirulating online is any indication, it's nicer than most homes.

And it's no secret that the yachts of the ultra-rich can get pretty damn jaw-dropping, fitted with everything from basketball courts and recording studios to cinemas and heli pads.

Hopefully exciting the public with his nautical forays will distract everyone from his new hairstyle, photos of which did not go over well.

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