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One of the most unique stores in Toronto is closing down

Toronto's only dedicated source for new and used cassettes and AV duplication services (that also sometimes doubled as a venue) has announced it is closing.

Dupe Shop will be shutting its doors permanently, but not right away. You have about a month of them being reopened from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. to shop at one of Toronto's most original stores.

Hello everyone! Dupe Shop is now back open up to the public - we are now operating Monday-Friday from 12:00-6:00. We are however also closing up our doors for good shortly 🤧 we do not have a set date for final day/closing but we will be out by the end of July. We have a big sale on all used cassettes - 75% off - as well as some other deals on select products. We do ask that all take necessary precautions while shopping during this time: hand sanitizer is at the front door for you to use when entering and gloves are available. We do not have masks available but highly recommend you bring/wear one. We will be capping the total amount of people in the store at 4. While Dupe Shop is closing, @duplication.ca is not - you can still order blank tapes, duplicated tapes, record mailers and more online! For those who have consignment here at the shop: our online store will still be active, so your tapes will still be available for sale! For info on consignment payout please email dupeshop@duplication.ca - your owed consignment will also still be available past closing! For those in Toronto who would like to pickup your remaining consignment stock, please also reach out to dupeshop@duplication.ca to have your remaking stock set aside for pickup. Thank you to everyone for all the support over the last 4 years 💕 it’s been a real wild/fun/bizarre ride running a tape store in the 21st century 💕🤙

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Though Dupe Shop will be leaving its physical location, duplication.ca will live on, so you'll still be able to order blank tapes and use their duplication services.

Their online consignment shop will also remain open so you'll be able to buy or sell music. Artists who have products for sale at Dupe Shop can pick up their stock if they wish.

"Analogue Media Technologies, the parent company to Dupe Shop, is currently in the process of restructuring duplication services. Our warehouse, cassette manufacturing and CD/DVD duplication services are all moving to a central location located in Scarborough," says Garrett Darley, Dupe Shop manager. 

"Simply, there is lots happening and we feel it's best to move on from the Dupe Shop for now."

He says the main thing that won't be available from this point forward is Dupe Shop's selection of used cassettes, which are now on sale at the store for 75 per cent off. Select other items will be on sale too. 

Just remember to wear a mask, and that the number of people in the store at a time is limited to four people. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided. Dupe Shop will be closing by the end of July.

According to Darley, there is hope that the store may find a physical home again in the future. "While there are no current plans, we may be looking to open up a smaller Dupe Shop down the road," he says.

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