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Kelly Rowland's guide to Toronto is so basic it hurts

Kelly Rowland is a beautiful, powerful, accomplished, iconic and a mind-bendingly talented three-octave vocal range queen—but she does not know how to do Toronto.

American magazine Travel + Leisure just released a feature called "How to Do Toronto in 48 Hours Like Kelly Rowland" based on the pop superstar's recent trip to The 6ix for a music video/Dove commercial shoot.

In the piece, Rowland recommends precisely four different things to do in Toronto over the course of a weekend, one of which is moisturizing your skin.

Everything else reads like the results of a Google search for "see celebrities Toronto."

First off, Rowland is said to be a fan of the Hazelton Hotel's luxury rooms and amenities, just like every other famous person who visits Toronto.

"Live like her or your favorite celeb and treat yourself to a stay at this hotspot situated in Toronto's posh Yorkville neighborhood," reads the Travel + Leisure piece, which, for the record, was not written by Rowland and only includes a few quotes from the artist herself.

"You can literally close your eyes and pick anything you want from the menu and you're going to be absolutely happy," says Rowland in one of such quotes, referring to Mark McEwan's One Restaurant at the Hazelton.

"The food is amazing there. I had these Korean chicken tacos that were mind-blowing."

Travel + Leisure reports that the Destiny's Child alumn also enjoyed "a spread of Asian cuisines" at one point while working in Toronto, and recommends that visitors "make their own international food tour" of the city. They shout out Little Italy, Little Portugal and "several Chinatowns" but mention no restaurants in particular. 

Next is a bizarre, unrelated plug for the Elmwood Spa, seemingly inspired by Rowland's admission that she prioritizes her beauty routine and always packs toiletries first when travelling.

The singer does not appear to have visited Elmwood during her time in Toronto, but she did go to Sotto Sotto, where T+L boasts that a waiter they spoke with "has even served Drake himself."

That's the extent of Rowland's guide as told by Travel + Leisure, which actually ranked Toronto as one of its 50 best places to travel in 2019.

"Similar to Los Angeles and New York City, Toronto is a huge celebrity hub. Go there once and you'll probably run into Drake," writes the magazine. "If you're ever around for a quick business trip, short layover, or spur of the moment adventure, Rowland's guide... is exactly what you need."

Let me save you a click: It's not.

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