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Toronto music fans upset over Field Trip sponsor

Summer's most Toronto-centric music festival is taking some heat right now for partnering with what fans are calling "one of the most destructive and corrupt corporations on the planet."

Field Trip, now in its sixth year, announced its lineup for 2018 last week.

More than 20 indie bands and artists including Metric, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bahamas, Japandroids and Deer Tick are are scheduled to perform at Fort York and Garrison Common this June, which has many fans excited for the two-day-long music and arts fest.

Some of that excitement has been checked, however, after ticket buyers noticed at least one questionable sponsor on the festival's website.

"So disappointed to see that you’re partnering with Nestle, Field Trip Music & Arts!" wrote Erica Shiner of Toronto on the festival's Facebook event last week. 

"I've been talking to my son all week about taking him to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! You need to drop Nestle!"

Dozens of other hopefully attendees have weighed in to express their own concerns (and intentions to boycott the festival over Nestle's inclusion.)

"Nestle is terrible, locally and internationally. What's wrong with the City of Toronto water trucks?" asked one commenter. "I don't buy any of their products and won't be bringing my family to this year's Field Trip because of this."

"This is so disappointing and gross," wrote someone else.

Nestle has been the subject of hundreds of petitions, lawsuits and critical investigations over the past 20+ years. 

The company has been accused of everything from violating ethical codes and stealing government resources to knowingly using child labour.

In response to mounting criticism over its choice to partner with Nestle, Field Trip responded to commenters in Shiner's thread on Saturday.

"To our concerned fans, we appreciate your feedback and respectfully consider your concerns as they pertain to Field Trip," it reads. "With that in mind, we will endeavour to incorporate your viewpoints into the planning of this summer's festival."

Fans weren't entirely thrilled with the response. As one put it, "this response is literally a non response. ridiculous."

And yet, Nestle does not appear as one of the festival's sponsors on its website right now. Perrier appears to be the sole water sponsor.

For those unaware, however, it should be noted that Perrier is owned by Nestle.

Update: On Tuesday afternoon, Field Trip announced via Facebook that it had "heard all of your feedback and concerns as they pertain to Field Trip's sponsorship arrangements with Nestle. As a result, Nestle and Perrier will no longer be a partner of Field Trip 2018."

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Hector Vasquez

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