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13 must-see concerts in Toronto this November

Must-see concerts in Toronto this November contain many Canadian darlings, American icons and even the dude who made Halloween (yer a little late, buddy!) all hoping you’re still willing to venture out despite the cold deciding to show up after all.

Look out for Indie Week returning November 7 to 12, unleashing swarms of unsigned bands who’ll keep bars open until 4 a.m in search of their big break. And elsewhere, Macklemore, Lil Yachty, Slowdive, Silversun Pickups and King Surly himself (Liam Gallagher) are expected to pop up.

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    • November 1
      The month gets off to a cheery start with an onslaught of soul-crushing doom from Primitive Man, Bell Witch, Vile Creature and Intensive Care. At least half these bands just put out punishing, hour-plus recordings, so don’t expect a short night.
    • November 2
      Though the other half of Nipplegate is inexplicably being welcomed back to the Superbowl, don’t worry about Janet - despite a couple postponements, her well-received State of the World tour is back on track and will at last make its way to Toronto.
      Air Canada Centre
    • November 3
      If your love of these indie superstars somehow survived #InfiniteContent madness, congrats! Your reward is two glitzy ACC shows (which probably won’t have a dress code after all, but who really knows).
      Air Canada Centre
    • November 6
      The Quin sisters are celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Con, their much-extolled fifth album, by revamping it. After tapping fellow musicians to interpret each song for a covers version, they’ll perform a revised acoustic arrangement here.
      Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Toronto)
    • November 7
      Speaking of twin sisters, this French-Cuban duo just released their widely praised sophomore effort, and take their culturally eclectic jams live to the Phoenix.
      The Phoenix Concert Theatre
    • November 8
      Still in the mood for gothy vibes a week after Halloween? Head to the Garrison for the sinister desert-rock sounds of this trio, who just debuted their first LP on Suicide Squeeze.
      The Garrison
    • November 12
      Not sure where this trend of film composers moonlighting as rock stars came from, but let’s enjoy until Michael Bay inevitably ruins it. This horror master is the latest to perform compositions in the flesh in honour of his new anthology.
      The Danforth Music Hall
    • November 15
      They certainly are taking their sweet time getting back together, but finally, the alt supergroup’s dropped a new single after 13 years of quiet and booked their first tour in ages.
      Air Canada Centre
    • November 22
      The 4:44 Tour (code name: the Bey Apology Tour?) is off and running across North America with Vic Mensa opening. Unsurprisingly, there's enough demand in the 6ix for the addition of a second show at the ACC.
      Air Canada Centre
    • November 22
      The Horseshoe’s anniversary bash rolls on with a Can-con giant settling in for a four-night residency. Depending on the date, you could find openers like singer-songwriter Nefe or the recently reunited Joydrop.
    • November 23
      Nearly two decades of lovestruck pop now on the books for this Montreal quintet, and they show no signs of slowing down. Check out tracks from their latest effort, produced by indie-rock connoisseur Peter Katis, over two nights.
      The Great Hall Toronto
    • November 23
      Sonic and visual weirdness awaits with this exciting pairing. Montreal punks Duchess Says have stayed consistent since last year’s Science Nouvelles, but this’ll be the first big showing for the revamped YT//ST lineup.
      The Garrison
    • November 27
      Emerging from a lengthy hibernation (bear pun!) earlier this year, the guys who take the term “lavish soundscape” to new levels will return to fill the air at Massey towards the end of the month.
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