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The top 10 Toronto sibling bands

Sometimes bands have (what they think are) intriguing stories about how their members met; some bands started up because they share a family tree. There is certainly potential for sibling squabbles while collaborating on music together (Noel and Liam Gallagher), but quite a few family bands in musical history have found success and camaraderie performing together - along with Haim and Tegan & Sara, there's the whole Hanson still touring thing.

Here are 10 Toronto bands that prove talent runs in the family.

Brave Shores
Brave Shores are electopop brother and sister duo Jay and Stefanie McCarrol. The two released their debut EP of infectious and catchy tunes last fall. If "Never Come Down" sounds familiar, the song ran in a Bell Canada commercial for Sony Xperia, which is how the band got their start. They play an upcoming CMW show May 8 at Mod Club.

Originally from Halifax, Carla and Lynette Gillis were part of all-girl band '90s Plumtree. The Gillis sisters went on to relocate to Toronto and started a band called (appropriately) SISTER, now known as Overnight, who recently released their debut album Carry Me Home. Got that? (You may know Plumtree as the band with the song that inspired Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim. The title of the song? "Scott Pilgrim.")

Doomsquad are sibling trio Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas who started the band as something of a joke several years back. Since then, it's turned into a serious music project with several EPs and a supporting gig for 2014 Polaris winner Tanya Tagaq last fall. The band are working on their followup to spooky-cool atmospheric full-length Kalaboogie.

The Sadies
The Sadies are one of Toronto's best live bands (their studio albums do them no justice). Brothers Dallas and Travis Good descend from a mind-boggling musically-rich lineage: dad Bruce Good, his twin brother Brian, and their younger brother Larry formed The Good Brothers in the '70s. Mom Margaret often joins The Sadies on stage with the Good Brothers - as The Good Family. Phew.

Magneta Lane / LOLAA
Remember Magneta Lane from the early '00s? Story goes that as teens, sisters Lexi Valentine and Nadia King decided to learn to play instruments and form their own rock band with friend French. Their last release was 2013 EP Witchrock, but the sisters have started another band called LOLAA. Here's hoping that Valentine retains that sassy swagger whatever direction LOLAA takes.

Twins Sari and Romy Lightman began their band under the name Ghost Bees, later renamed Tasseomancy (the tea leaf reading type of fortune telling). Their debut EP featured a photo of their Russian-Jewish great-great grandmother, a tea-leaf reader, and the band's ethereal experimental folk sound is fitting with that folkloric mystique. The sisters have also been backup singers for Austra.

The Folk
Originally from Guelph, The Folk are a five-piece now based in Toronto. Fraternal twins Sara and Emma Bortolon-Vettor have been playing music together since high school. Despite the name, The Folk, who released their full-length album We All Say last year, are decidedly not straight-up folk music, but a mixture of 70's-ish and 90's rock and yeah... not just folk.

Common Deer
Common Deer consists of not one set of siblings, but two: Adam (cello, guitar) and Sheila (piano) Hart-Owens, and Liam (percussion) and Connor (guitar) Farrell. Violinist Graham McLaughlin is the lone fifth member. With a classical background, Common Deer have timeless, orchestral elements mixed with contemporary rock. They will be doing a free show at 3030 in April.

The Beaches
The Beaches are a four-piece (from The Beaches) that began when all the members were still in their teens, and sisters Jordan and Kylie Miller playing music together prior. The young rock 'n' roll band has a formidable amount of snarl and have released two EPs - most recently The Heights.

The Balconies
Power pop (with a flair for 80's hair metal) trio The Balconies are fronted by powerhouse singer/guitarist Jacquie Neville, with her brother Steve on bass and Liam Jaeger on drums. The band's debut album Fast Motions came out last year (fun fact: their early self-titled EP was produced by Zeus' Carlin Nicholson).

Synthpop trio Zords consists of brothers Adam and Mike Pereira and Drew Shannon. The band promises a forthcoming EP soon and currently have a handful of dreamy, atmospheric tunes on Bandcamp, plus a moody, stylized black and white video for "Dancing Eyes."

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Photo of Tasseomancy by Maya Fuhr via Facebook

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