Toronto Music News - Woodhands, Fucked Up, Broken Social Scene, k-os, Oh No Forest Fires

Toronto Music News: Woodhands vs. Pitchfork, Oh No Forest Fires EP for Free Download, K-os Will No Longer Release Albums, Emma Ditchburn Leaves The Most Serene Republic & More

In this edition:

  • New Broken Social Scene LP due May 4.
  • Woodhands vs. Pitchfork (another diss track).
  • The Most Serene Republic lose member, offer free download.
  • Fucked Up and Xiu Xiu lose class-action lawsuit against Camel cigarettes.
  • Oh No Forest Fires give away Wants To Try Something EP.
  • k-os to no longer make albums - only singles.
  • Photos from the Canadian Blast at the 2010 Grammy Awards.
  • D-Sisive switches up Anvil for Fubar.
  • Bedouin Soundclash to release b-sides/remixes/rarities collection.
  • Great Lake Swimmers blog from China - part three.

Zeus - 'Marching Through Your Head'

New Broken Social Scene Album to be Released May 4
In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Kevin Drew reveals the details of their much-anticipated full length follow-up to 2005's Broken Social Scene. The album was produced by John McEntire, and features guest spots from Feist, Amy Millan (Stars), Emily Haines (Metric), Lisa Lobsinger (Reverie Sound Revue), Jason Collett, John Crossingham, Jason Tait (the Weakerthans), Julie Penner, Spiral Stairs (Pavement), Sebastien Grainger (ex-DFA 1979) and more.

Track listing and album title are still to be confirmed, but Drew offers some insight into the making of the album and the bands current state to make up for it. Doug McCombs, McEntire's bandmate in Tortoise, opened up to Exclaim! about the reason they haven't recorded any new material recently - BSS kept going over their studio time at McEntire's Soma Electronic Studios in Chicago.

Gentleman Reg - "Heavy Head" Residency at the Drake Promo

Woodhands vs. Pitchfork Media
Having released their sophomore effort Remosecapade just last week, electro duo Woodhands are offering a "Z-Side" (and straight-up p4k diss track) for free download. Opening the song with "Pitchfork is a waste of bandwidth with content so thin it needs to eat a sandwich," Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt make their opinion on the popular music blog perfectly clear from the start.

I'm kind of surprised how outspoken Banwatt is about the site, considering the solid review his other band (The Rural Alberta Advantage) received for the 2009 re-release of Hometowns. When Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) publicly called for fans to take pictures to take pictures of their butts and tweet them to p4k last year, he was motivated by the 5.7/10 grade The Hazards of Love received. Pitchfork hasn't posted any Woodhands reviews yet, so I'm wondering - what prompted the diss track?

Woodhands - 'P'iss' (MP3)

Boys Who Say No - 'No I Won't'

The Most Serene Republic Lose Member; Release Free B-side
Emma Ditchburn has departed the Most Serene Republic after five years of performing with the group. TMSR promise that this is not the end of the band, "but a brand new chapter that we are very excited to write for you." They're offering up 'Longevity Please,' the last track they recorded with Emma, for free download in exchange for your email address. The song is the final B-Side from ...And The Ever Expanding Universe.

Basia Bulat - 'The Shore' (Take Away Session - )

Fucked Up Lost Camel Cigarette Lawsuit
In November 2007, Rolling Stone ran a feature called the "Indie Band Universe," in which a number of independent bands were promoted alongside mentions of Camel cigarettes - the company who fronted the bill for the advertisement. Fucked Up and Xiu Xiu were among those acts, and were the two bands willing to take legal actions against the tobacco giant. The class-action suit began in January 2008, and Fucked Up recently reported that the courts decided Camel was not to blame, as they had no influence over the design and placement of the ads - they simply paid for them. Check out Fucked Up's blog for more details.

Cuff the Duke - 'All a Blur'

- January 23 marked the final show from Oh No Forest Fires, with the band promising to release their remaining songs for free download in the near future. Well, they've delivered: ONFF - Wants To Try Something EP (MP3s in ZIP). Check out a review at i(heart)music.

- Check out part three of Tony Dekker's guest blog at Spinner, as his band Great Lake Swimmers as they tour through China.

- CBC Radio 3's Flickr has an incredible set of shots from the Canadian Blast at the 2010 Grammy Awards, an event that I'd take over the actual red carpet ceremony any day.

Great Lake Swimmers - 'New Light' (Legion Sessions)

K'naan - 'Dreamer'

- A few weeks ago, D-Sisive dropped 'Anvil' for free download - a track that borrowed quotes from the documentary Anvil and 'Werewolf Heart' by Dead Man's Bones. Spinner reported that Anvil weren't too impressed with his illegal sampling, so D-Sisive has prepped a remix replacing the film clips with scenes from Fubar.

- Speaking with Muchmusic, rapper k-os revealed that he no longer plans to release albums, instead opting to release singles in a similar manner to Lil Wayne or Drake. "I think we're just going to drop singles for a couple years and see what happens. If those singles are successful, maybe put out a compilation of the ones that people like and call it an album, like what Elvis and the Beatles did."

- Bedouin Soundclash plan to release an album of rarities, remixes and B-sides sometime in the spring, though no further details are confirmed at this time.

D-Sisive - 'JanuaryTwentyEightTwoThousand&Ten' (Vlog 3)

Memorecks and Friends

- The Darcys are offering up a free download from their forthcoming album Young Believers, produced by Murray Lightburn of the Dears, and featuring guest spots from BSS, Stars and Islands. 'House Built Around Your Voice' can be grabbed in full wav format, but at a whopping 42mb you might want to compress once you've downloaded the track.

- Download Metric's 'Front Row (Acoustic)' via RCRD LBL.

- Trade your email address for an mp3 of Caribou's 'Odessa,' from the album Swim, released on April 20 via Merge Records.

Grand Analog - Live at Phog Lounge Part 7 (full set)

On blogTO last week
- I checked out the first of three sold out performances of 'Guitarology 101' featuring an amazing two-an-a-half hour set from the Randy Bachman Band.
- Roger attended the Nouvelle Vague show at the Opera House, and his patience was tested by Guns N' Roses.
- Jennifer profiled TTC cellist/busker Leo Zhang.
- Rick took a look back at the Big Bop, as the Queen & Bathurst club is being converted into an American home furnishing chain that specializes in the loft market.

Lead photo of Great Lake Swimmers by ardenstreet, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

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