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Call & Response: Stop Die Resuscitate

Dark electro locals Stop Die Resuscitate have been lurking around Toronto's underground spotlight for a long time. Now, with a more melodic sound and a new album being prepped for release, they're looking to jump right into the center of it.

SDR first caught my attention a couple years ago at a Pride performance, and they've made some of my favourite electro remixes, making dark bangers out of songs by the likes of Apostle of Hustle, Deerhoof, Tegan and Sara, and You Say Party! We Say Die!

The new album (The Gloom) won't be released until early next year, but SDR are previewing it in its entirety tonight at The Drake. I spoke with lead singer Lucas Costello about their album, their new sound and why "everybody" says they should move to Europe.

blogTO: Where was your new album recorded/produced?

Lucas Costello: Mostly at Lyle's place; some of the drums were recorded at home by Josh, and then Lyle would chop and gate them etc.

It seems like this new album has taken some time. Do you feel you're behind schedule with its release? Why the delay?

It's funny that you ask that since this preview was done with the album originally slated to come out this October, now it's going to be in March 2010 (100% for sure this time, we hope). Otherwise, some bad luck, life happens, and we all work a lot, so it's hard to get us in a room together.

Also, we changed our direction a lot, there's no rap on this record. So there's a whole album's worth of stuff that will stay in our hard drives forever. Remixing also sidetracked us a lot. I think we've probably done an album's worth of remixes as well.

I like the new demo's I've heard. What has inspired your new sound?

Thanks very much. Basically having confidence in my "singing" voice, Lyle and my wife coaxed it out of me; I'm fulfilling my teenage fantasy of being an R& B singer; but channeled through our dark heart pop sensibilities.

Any new piece(s) of gear that are indispensable to you now - either in the studio or on stage?

Lyle got this wicked tube mic; we did most of the vocals on that. Also, e-mail and computers.

What remix are you most proud of to date?

That's like picking your favourite niece or nephew...but probably the New Buffalo one we did, that sort of aided us in going the direction we ended up in.

What about your new album? What song do you think turned out the best?

Eurgh, I like them all. "Midnight, Romance, Blood" is my personal favourite, also "Measurements with Nirmala" is quite wonderful.

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

My neighbourhood is the first place I've lived in a long time where I know my neighbours. Also, the mish mash of culture/diversity. The fact I can go see a rap show and then bands like Romo Roto, Little Girls, or Heaven and then go somewhere for club music in the same night is pretty rad. We're a lucky city for culture not so lucky for healthy living though.

Why does "everybody" say you should move to Europe?

Oh god, I have to change that on the Myspace. Well, Rose from LAL has been telling us to go play there for ages. Also, Tacteel from TTC's been trying to get us to go to France for a while. I guess we weren't exactly proper "Canadiana", I think that's changed now a little bit, at least in the major cities but that being said left field music like us, vitaminsforyou, Madrid, LAL, etc could really use some more support at home.

What can people see/hear/feel at your show Thursday?

See: Colours, sweat and blurry limbs.

Hear: Dancefloor anthems for dark times; lullabies for orphans; and sing-a-longs for bonfires where the wild things are.

Feel: Sweaty, happy, sad, overjoyed, elated, angry, confused and an uncontrollable need to dance all at the same time. There is a possibility of spontaneous combustion (in the brain).

Stop Die Resuscitate: The Gloom Live Album Preview
w/ Madrid, Cris Derksen, visuals by The Blacklight Association of Canada
Thursday, August 20
The Drake Underground
1150 Queen Street West
Doors: 9pm
Cover: $5

Call & Response is a series of Q&A's with artists from or playing in Toronto. Photo: Carl W Heindl.

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