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Theirspace / Nordic Nomadic

Past editions of Theirspace have featured everything from the loud and distorted, Nintendoized tunes, some dirty sex and even some holy sex. Last week we even had a special rant against My. Hurst and company, pretty much just because they put ou an album with their faces looking all serious... seriously ooglay, that is.

After all that ugly, it's time for some pretty. Nordic Nomadic will get those Econoline Crushed up chagrins of all of our faces this Friday, June 1st, or my name is Trevor Hurst.

Nordic Nomadic's MySpace page

So it seems a new print publication is launching tomorrow. The mag's called AND. And, well, what? I dunno. Maybe they could use a comma. They're free on Wheel of Fortune so it shouldn't drain their wallets. Might not fit their brand image, though... Nordic Nomadic, formerly of The Deadly Snakes, is playing at AND's launch party tomorrow at the El Mo, and coupling him with the other acts (plus a free magazine) it's totally worth ten of your bones.

He's got four tracks available for your easy listening on his MySpace page. The sound of the songs range from solo acoustic and really pretty, to accompanied by drums and really pretty. His solo stuff sounds kind of like those ballads you'd hear in the middle of a classic hard rock band's album, their attempt at adding some diversity to their track list. Nordic Nomadic sounds a lot like those, only really good. There's plenty a dreamy passage to be had and it doesn't even get tiresome by the fourth track. When I hear Chris Cornell get all moody and ballady I get this urge to cut myself; not so with Nordic Nomadic. Expect to sit down with a drink, gently nod your head to the music, and clap wildly when he holds the last chord and allows the music to fall away after each song.

By the by, there's at least one other cool electro act playing the night in the form of Gravity Wave. Not exactly my cup of synth pop, but hearing "Jump, Fireball, Jump, Fireball, Wait... Run" did bring back many 16-bit memories of a decade gone by.

AND Magazine Launch Party
Nordic Nomadic with Jewish Legend, Gravity Wave, Ken Reaume and Louis Calabro
Friday June 1st at El Mocambo, 9pm
464 Spadina Ave.
Tel: (416) 777-1777
COST: $10

Check out previous editions of Theirspace. You may have missed the show, but the music lives on!

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