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Some big (or mediocre) shows have been going on in the city over the past week. Since that's all good and fun, I decided to stay low for a while and visit the relaxed scene.

On Thursday night, another local lovely took to the O'Reilly's stage atop of Yonge street. Kritty (Krissy....or Kritty) is a artist of the folk persuasion who composes catchy songs with creative (and, at times) hilarious lyrics. When she gets the chance, Kritty raises her voice 2 notches so everyone out on the street can hear her. No, she doesn't scream and no, she doesn't sound like she's being run over by a streetcar. Kritty is definitely a talent worth checking out. Most of her songs stem from relationships and friends which she channels into entertaining material. One song was about a "film-maker boyfriend" who seemed like he had a lot of potential but turned out to be a dunce. Another was written for a friend who she claimed was a "good egg". What's great about Kritty's songs is how easily you can get involved in them, even if you're sitting at the back of the room. The topic, the character and feeling of her songs enable you to join her on the same level.

Kritty will be performing at the Free Times Cafe next Wendesday, August 23rd. It's PWYC and it starts after 9pm.

Photos (Kritty):

Jon-Rae Fletcher @ The Tranzac

The night before, The Tranzac hosted a few bands along with an amazing serving of Vegan Stew. Starting the night off was local lovely Jen Castle (aka. Castlemusic). It's wonderful to hear her perform for a few, simple reasons: i) she has one of the best voices I've ever heard, ii) her tunes are unique and calming, and iii) the instant she begins playing, the room immediately quiets down. Using a guitar and soft vocals, Castlemusic earned a huge ovation from friends and new listeners. As she shyly went off the stage, the crowd pleaded for more. Where was I? At the front, PLEADING FOR MORE!

Following Castlemusic was another bowl of Vegan Stew.

Following the Vegan Stew was Jon-Rae Fletcher assisted by band-mate Jonathan Adjemian on keys. Both Jon-Rae and Jonathan played old and new tunes from the River. Old songs such as 'Till The Rising Sun' were performed to the glee of those who haven't heard the old greats from 'The Road' in a long time. While listeners chewed through their bread and slurped their Vegan Stew, Jon-Rae and Jonathan kept things simple and comfortable for the sitting crowd.

Photos (Jon-Rae):

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