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Superette is an Ottawa-based cannabis store chain selling flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and accessories. 

Sitting somewhere between a supermarket and a retro malt shop, the Superette brand tries to make shopping for weed as ordinary as grabbing a milk carton from the corner store. 

superette cannabis torontoA visit to the sprawling Summerhill flagship in Toronto is definitely more fun than a routine trip to the grocery store.

superette cannabis torontoGrab a basket — green if you're open to interacting with a helpful budtender, red if you'd prefer not to be bothered — and start browsing. 

superette cannabis torontoLike most big box grocery stores, Superette has a flower section at the front.

It's a floral take on a scent wall, where customers can acquaint themselves with some of the strains available by sniffing some indica, sativa or hybrid bud. 

superette cannabis torontoTo scroll through the entire stock list, head to the trio of smart screens disguised as old school cigarette or pad dispensers. 

You'll find cannabis from the usual selection of licensed producers like 7 Acres, Aurora and Redecan. Packaging for different strains can be perused in the deli-style cases. 

superette cannabis torontoThe most notable thing about Superette is an impressive array of more than 150 types of accessories. I'd come back here for the fun selection of smokeware alone. 

superette cannabis torontoThere's the banana-shaped pipe ($45.99) from Sydney-based bong brand Gatorbeug. They also have the Maxibeug glass water pipe ($125.99) that looks plastic.

superette cannabis torontoThere are also some beautiful pipes from Laundry Day ($58.99), tampers from Vancouver company Studio A-Ok ($15.99) and some incense trays from the Montreal studio Concrete Cat

superette cannabis torontoFridges contain a mix of non-smokeable stuff (scrunchie sets for $37.99 and collapsible Superette coffee mugs for $19.99) along with beverages like Deep Space or a light lemony drink from House of Terpenes with 5 mg of THC. 

superette cannabis torontoInterspersed between the gum ball machines and candy jars full of RAW and OCB rolling papers, there's plenty of Superette-branded wearable merch, which makes a dangerous walk-through for impulsive buyers.

superette cannabis torontoHead here for the weed but accidentally leave with a bucket hat ($48.99), maybe a towel ($64.99). Unfortunately, some miscellaneous items like Superette sauce and detergent boxes are branded shelf-fillers and not for sale. 

superette cannabis torontoThere's also a whole wall dedicated to organic cotton tees, sweatshirts, and sweat shorts, some made in collaboration with Pure Beauty ($42.99) and Dirt Deli ($50). 

The bud bar is where you can sit down and chat with staff, but it's also home to the most hilarious part of the store: a rotary dial phone that's actually a direct line to the Rosedale Diner, just up the street. 

superette cannabis torontoPick up the phone and you'll automatically be connected to the local burger joint.

The idea is that you'll have some munchies after your trip to Superette so it's best to order some food now, before you forget to later. 

superette cannabis toronto

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