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Nova Cannabis

Nova Cannabis is a weed retailer offering flower, pre-rolls, oils, and accessories on the main drag of busy Queen West. 

Taking over where the old American Apparel store used to be, the arrival of this Alberta-based brand marks Nova's first foray into Toronto, and the third legal weed store to ever open in the city. 

nova cannabis torontoSpanning 2,900 square-feet, a few things that make this pot purveyor interesting are its massive DIY screen, the 'deli counter' display case of product, weed sales, and a very stringent security process.

There's also some work by local artist Javid Jah, and a numbered, butcher-style check-out system. nova cannabis torontoExpect to get your ID checked a whopping three times during your visit here: once at the door, another time at the concierge desk next to the entrance, and one last time when paying for product.

nova cannabis torontoThere's a few ways to pick up your weed here. If you know exactly what you want, head straight to the check-out counter and order there.

nova cannabis torontoYou can also connect with a budtender, or a CER (that's Customer Experience Rep), who can guide you through the nearly 100 types of flower offered here.

nova cannabis torontoWhen you've chosen your bud, they'll give you a receipt and send your order straight to check-out. 

nova cannabis torontoOtherwise, head to the three-and-a-half-foot-tall self-serve kiosk, where you can peruse through nearly 100 different types of strains from well-known LPs like San Rafael '71, Seven Oaks, and WeedMD. 

Of course, you'll also find stuff from Edmonton-based grower Aurora, which owns 25 per cent stake in Nova's owner, Alcanna Inc. 

nova cannabis torontoWeed here concentrates primarily on THC content, so don't expect to find any CBD-dominant strains here. If it's a highly functional medication you're looking for, there's a selection of gel capsules and over 20 oils available for purchase. 

In terms of how much weed you can buy, that depends on the strain.

nova cannabis torontoFor instance, Acreage Pharms' All Kush hybrid bud can only be bought in 3.5 grams ($36.95), while Broaken Coast's Keats flower can be bought by the gram ($12.95), 3.5 grams ($42.95), or seven grams ($80.95). 

nova cannabis torontoNova sets itself apart by being the only cannabis store opened since legalization to offer sales. Purportedly to tackle its bigger competitor, illicit weed sales, the store runs "Black Market Buster" deals, offering certain strains for under $7 a gram. 

nova cannabis torontoAt present, the bud on sale is Trailblazer's hybrid Glow bud (3.5 grams for $24.20). 

nova cannabis torontoFor smoking gear, head to the Accessories Island at the back of the store, by the pre-roll section. Just a heads-up to dabbers: no rigs here, sorry.

nova cannabis torontoYou'll find a sizeable selection of rolling papers, digital vaporizers from brands like Pax and Pulsar, pipes from Hexo and Jane West.

nova cannabis torontoThey also have ash trays from BRNT, and grinders that range from cheaper Puff Puff Pass gear ($29.99) to premium shredders from Santa Cruz ($129.99). 

nova cannabis torontoThe store seems large, but the capacity's only 34 people, meaning you can expect to see lines outside the store until the novelty of legalized weed retailers finally wears off. 

nova cannabis toronto

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