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FIKA Herbal Goods

FIKA Herbal Goods is the Distillery District's only weed store selling flower, CBD bath bombs, an abundance of edibles and other cannabis products. 

This flagship is FIKA's first location. If you're looking to indulge in a pre-roll while strolling the Distillery District's cobblestone streets, this store's your only option on the block. 

fika herbal goods torontoNot to be confused with the Kensington Market coffee shop of the same name, the brand inspired by the Swedish tradition of coffee and chill has exploded across Ontario since launching in 2020.

Unlike the rest of Toronto—looking at you, the entirety Queen Street—the Distillery limits the number of cannabis stores in the district, meaning FIKA reigns supreme as the area's sole weed shop. fika toronto It's a woodsy space with cash registers located near the center and plenty of visual elements that help guide shoppers around the product. The displays are definitely the standout of the store. 

fika toronto Stepping up where many other weed stores and their overload of screens tend to fail are the individual display domes for the 60 types of flower that FIKA carries at a time. 

fika toronto The domes act as magnifying glasses, giving you a close-up look at photos of each flower down to the stigmas, or the little hairs of the pistils. It's a much more effective way of piquing your visual appetite than looking at a 2D iPad photo.

fika toronto All of the displays, from the flower domes to the vape bar, are organized left to right, from satia to indica, and top to bottom from higher THC content to lowest. 

fika toronto There's a section of the store dedicated spotlighting Canadian LP's at a time. When I visit, they're highlighting Nova Scotian growers Mi'kmaq-owned company Msiku and SKOSHA, the first licensed producer from the province.  

An accessories cabinet holds the usual selection of pipes, grinders and dab tools. 

fika toronto The pre-roll bar is my favourite given that all 24 rolls available at any time are displayed as-is.

Since LP's all tend to roll their stuff a little different, (some chubby, some skinny and lean, etc.), it's nice to see exactly what you're going to smoke on before you buy it. 

fika herbal goods torontoEdibles are aplenty here and range from hybrid soft chews that taste like Japanese yuzu to tasteless disolvable THC powders from brands like The Green Organic Dutchman.

Drinks from the fridge, a.k.a. the Tuck Shop, also run the gamut, with sativa iced lemon teas from Tweed and cucumber mint CBD sparkling water from Quatreau.  fika toronto FIKA's lifestyle wall in the back includes a line of candles from Boy Smells with scents like Italian Kush (no actual weed-like effects can be obtained from these, unfortunately.) 

fika herbal goods torontoFIKA has exploded across the province since opening this flagship. The brand is opening in malls, with 14 locations and counting, so the Distillery District won't be the only neighbourhood to have one though it'll certainly be the most unique.

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FIKA Herbal Goods

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