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Civilian House of Cannabis

Civilian House of Cannabis is a Toronto-based chain selling flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles and cannabis accessories. It's the brainchild of club magnate and INK Entertainment founder Charles Khabouth.

Described as "an avant-garde cannabis experience," a trip to Civilian is not quite what you'd expect on a visit to a typical Toronto pot shop, but very much what you'd expect from a Charles Khabouth property in terms of style and hospitality.

Civilian sets itself apart from other cannabis stores before you even walk in the door with a funky exterior, appearing as stage curtains revealing floral kaleidoscope motifs — a recurring theme in their branding.

civilian cannabisPassing through the colourful entrance, you then enter a distinctive interior with curved walls and ceilings, beautifully lit and decorated with stylish pop art. A trio of bedazzled Brigitte Bardot prints greets you behind the budtender station.

Other shots of colour are interspersed throughout, like a floral display tying in with Civilian’s branding.

civilian cannabisSleek capsule-shaped, backlit display cases and shelves line the walls with products. Here, you can find standard fare from licensed producers like Redecan, 7Acres, Aurora, and Canopy Growth, along with a much wider range of boutique producers that aren't as easy to find.

These include brands WINK and Blissed from the Charles Khabouth co-founded TREC Brands, along with many more high-end and small-batch producers you may not be familiar with.

civilian cannabisOne of these is Thumbs Up Brand, which dedicates 10 per cent of its profits toward cannabis amnesty programs, as shown on the fine print of this 3.5-gram bag of their Garlic Z ($34.95).

civilian cannabisKnowledge and hospitality are big parts of the experience at Civilian. Displays of strains often include information cards that make it easier for both newcomers and aficionados to know what they're getting.

Staff have plenty of info to share when asked about a particular strain, from potency to its origin. You can also learn about growing conditions, as seen in the display of 3.5-gram bags of Carmel Cannabis' 'Mac 1' strain ($40.93).

If boutique, small-batch pot isn't your thing, Civilian also offers a range of value brands, like 28 grams of B!NGO's 'Sativa!' or 'Indica!' ($100).

civilian cannabisInfused beverages and edibles get their own dedicated display cases, with over 60 different edible and drinkable products to choose from.

civilian cannabisConcentrates are growing in popularity, and products like the OS Klik ($43.95) make it easier for newcomers, dispersing small pre-measured quantities of concentrate.

civilian cannabisGlassware and accessories displays feature a range of price points, from DabWare's Silicone Diamond Pipe ($12.90) all the way up to Puffco's Peak Vaporizer ($350.99).

civilian cannabisMerch can be bought bearing Civilian's minimalist branding, like a t-shirt ($32.95), hoodie ($90), and baseball cap ($34.95), along with Civilian-branded accessories like grinder cards ($6.95) and rolling papers ($2.50).

civilian cannabisDoubling as decor, colourful cannabis lifestyle fare is peppered throughout. A "special" cookbook from caterer, author, and lifestyle guru Rose Reisman, Be Blissed ($39.95) dovetails with the Khabouth co-founded Blissed cannabis brand, packed with recipes that will certainly "elevate" your cooking.

civilian cannabisThough customer service and hospitality are touted as the defining features of Civilian, you can also take the passive approach.

civilian cannabisEverything you see on shelves can be bought through wall-mounted iPads, for those days you just want to get in and out without small talk.

civilian cannabisMore changes are coming to the store, with a rear patio in the works. This relaxed area behind the store will feature patio furniture where visitors can try out their latest purchases tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Queen Street East.

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Jack Landau

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