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Ameri is a small cannabis store selling bud, pre-rolls, and capsules from an historic building in Yorkville. 

Sitting below an immigration lawyer's office amidst the ongoing chaos of construction on Cumberland, this low-key shop is definitely more understated than its larger counterparts. 

ameri cannabis torontoBut what Ameri lacks in size, it makes up for by offering cannabis consumers a chilled out shopping experience, sans the glitz of shiny branding or budtenders trailing your every move. 

ameri cannabis torontoEssentially just a simple room equipped with a few counters and electronic tablets, there's not much in terms of displays here, though that doesn't make it any less friendly for first-time buyers. 

ameri cannabis torontoAmeri stocks around 49 types of flower, 30 of which you can sniff via the sensory pods lining the store. 

ameri cannabis torontoPurple pods indicate indica, red is for sativa strains, and green is for the hybrid bud. Counters on the right side of the store offer up a smaller selection of CBD-dominant bud; the left side is where you'll find flower that's higher in THC. 

ameri cannabis torontoWhile there are a number of no-pressure staff to help you pick your product, the best part about the Ameri experience is the fact you don't actually have to talk to anyone, thanks to the tablet system. 

ameri cannabis torontoYou can peruse bud from brands including Aurora, Broken Coast, Seven Oaks, or Tokyo Smoke, and even compare multiple products against one another on a simple-to-use page that measures THC/CBD ranges, pricing, and—a nice touch—terpene profiles for flavour connoisseurs.

ameri cannabis torontoThe limit is typically an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams of flower) for now, which isn't great if you're really trying to re-up.

ameri cannabis torontoBut Ameri does have good pre-roll game, offering a big variety of standard 0.5-gram joints (starting at $7.50) and even packs of 5 joints (prices go up to $55 for those). 

ameri cannabis torontoKeep in mind they don't carry bongs, rigs, or any other gear, and as far as accessories go, RAW-brand papers are the most you'll get. 

ameri cannabis torontoThe pot perusal experience is highly personal, but if you like a more chilled out environment to check out cannabis product, Ameri should be your pick. 

ameri cannabis toronto

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