Tidal CrossFit

Tidal CrossFit

Tidal CrossFit has multiple locations around the city, including this one on the stretch of Danforth Avenue just west of Coxwell. The massive space replaces their former digs just off the Danforth further east toward Victoria Park.

The focus here is on inclusive training and working hard, hence the sparseness of this spot compared to other gyms that are full of frills.

The equipment here is primarily strength-focused including medicine balls, kettle balls, free weights, barbells and plates, and plyometric boxes. There are changerooms, and newly renovated washrooms. The entire facility is cold, which I appreciate when working out.

Tidal CrossFit

For anyone unfamiliar with CrossFit, here is what you need to know: CrossFit, which started out as somewhat of a fringe fitness movement, has now moved into the mainstream, as is evidenced by its partnership in the U.S. with Reebok. It's based on the philosophy of inclusiveness and community and aims to build physical skills for sport performance and general fitness.

It is not a franchise, per se, however, anyone wanting to use the CrossFit name must first purchase a license to do so and trainers must take at least the Level 1 CrossFit accredited training program. CrossFit is defined broadly as "...that which optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity)." 

The exercises themselves are usually foundational movements, such as squats, lunges, pull-ups, etc. often performed in a circuit-like sequence. CrossFit can be done as a fitness regime, or, those with a competitive spirit, can get involved with it as a sport and can compete in local competitions with other CrossFitters.

Tidal CrossFit

A Thursday midday class attracts half a dozen participants, which seem to adequately represent the late 20s to early 40s clientele, co-owner Mags, tells me is the norm. Indeed the 'community' vibe of CrossFit is immediately evident with everyone seeming to know one another.

The class begins with a warm-up, which everybody does at their own pace, and includes 500 metres on the rowers, kettleballs, inchworms (plank walk-outs), sit-ups, split squats and some static stretches to promote mobility.

Tidal CrossFit

Following the warm-up, my coach goes through each of the 3 components of the day's workout (Double-under rope skipping, clean-and-press, and push-ups) and carefully guides each participant on proper technique.

For the final 20 minutes of the hour, she sets a timer and has everyone do a prescribed number of repetitions of each exercise to be completed in their own time.

Tidal CrossFit

More akin to group personal-training than a typical group fitness class, CrossFit is perfect for anyone looking for some motivation to get fit from an instructor and camaraderie from others, without having to learn choreography or keep up with anyone else.

Despite the somewhat intimidating image CrossFit may have, it is actually ideal for people of any fitness level since trainers give variations for most exercises and each participant is encouraged to simply strive for improvements.

Tidal CrossFit

Given that the teacher training program is just - like many fitness certification programs - a weekend course, and the exercises are pretty intense, it is prudent to be cautious before joining a CrossFit gym. The CrossFit company does not do quality control on affiliated gyms so if you have any health problems or physical limitations, in particular, make sure you work with individuals who know what they are doing.

Support from peers is key for exercise adherence, but aside from that, the CrossFit philosophy provides another advantage: the focus is on physical feats and fitness, not on physique. In fact, Tidal CrossFit has no mirrors, which may be appealing for some individuals.

Tidal CrossFit

What distinguishes Tidal CrossFit from other CrossFit gyms, according to Mags, is a focus on Olympic-style training, however, the studio offers classes for those of all levels and backgrounds, and has a team that trains together and competes in CrossFit tournaments.

Tidal has a full team of senior staff consisting of coaches that help train members individually, as well.

In addition, like other CrossFit gyms across the city, Mags tells me it is the community itself, drawn primarily from the surrounding neighbourhood, that makes Danforth Tidal CrossFit unique.

Unlimited class memberships start at $190.00 per month, with options for personal training and/or nutrition coaching membership add-ons. In addition, If you are a member at one Tidal location, you are a member at all four.

Tidal CrossFit

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Tidal CrossFit

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