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Last Rep

Last Rep is a modern gym at Yonge and Wellesley. The gym was formerly Keep Cool, a French fitness chain.

Ultimately, the French gym didn't land with a Canadian fitness audience, and, after six months, the gym rebranded to Last Rep, billing itself as a HIIT studio and fitness centre.

Keep Cool was targeted at beginners with a fundamental understanding of fitness. Now, the gym has fewer bells and whistles but feels more like a training gym.

Instead of six virtual studios dedicated to HIIT, spin, and cardio workouts, Last Rep focuses on its HIIT classes taught in one of the former virtual studios.

With a quick 45-minute HIIT class, Last Rep gives you what you need in a circuit workout designed by one of the Last Rep trainers.

Last Rep has added more free weights and focuses on HIIT classes with more fitness flexibility. It has also done away with its pink and green branding, (although some of it still lingers), and in its place is a red and black aesthetic with inspirational quotes displayed on the walls.

Expect to see mantras like “Rise as One,” and “Whatever it Takes” throughout the gym.

The classes are at the heart of what makes Last Rep different; a demand that the owners saw was wanted and needed by Torontonians.

There are two main classes. The Blitz program: a 40-minute full-body workout that improves power, speed, and stability through explosive resistance training.

And the 55-minute Blaze workout, a fast-paced conditioning class meant to transform your body through a seamless blend of endurance and strength.

The workouts change every day to target a specific area of your body. The exercises are hard and push people to perform. The treatment is adjacent to another popular HIIT studio, F45 Training.

Last Rep also has something unique going for it - apart from its monthly memberships ($100 with no added fees), you can pay per drop-in class.

$25 gets you access to one class, and $18 gets you access to the gym for the day. The space is also open to personal trainers who want to bring their clients in for training.

The gym is equipped with Technogym cardio and weight machines, but there’s a larger area for your own personal training. There’s one gender-neutral changing room, with showers.

It's the staff that ultimately makes the difference at the gym. They take the time to remember your name and help you throughout your fitness journey.

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