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Keep Cool

Keep Cool is a fitness chain from France that has opened its first North American location near Yonge and Wellesley.

Clean and efficient with an abundant use of tech on all cardio machines, Keep Cool is just that…cool. The modern gym comes with all the amenities that inspire you to actually workout. Some of the machines connect to your Netflix account. Cool, right?

keep cool torontoFounded in 2002 in Avignon, Keep Cool has more than 150 gyms across France. Tanguy Saillant, who brought the chain to Toronto, had to adjust the French gym for the Canadian market.

keep cool torontoThe Canadian version has more athletic options, Cyberobics classes, and personal trainers. In France, Keep Cool has the distinct green and pink logo, but for Canada, that was changed to a deeper green and white aesthetic, branded throughout the gym.

keep cool torontoKeep Cool’s best feature is the six virtual studios dedicated to HIIT, spin, and cardio workouts taught by virtual Keep Cool instructors.

keep cool torontoYou choose your workout, level of fitness, length of time and head into the room - by yourself or with a partner - to follow the instructor displayed on the wall. There are over 100 virtual classes to choose from.

keep cool torontoThe gym is beginner-friendly without the competitive mindset. The fully-equipped change rooms are unisex, and the need for selfies is diminished since the gym doesn’t have mirrors in the workout zones.

keep cool torontoFor women, there’s a dedicated space with machines made for smaller bodies, virtual classes, and an automatic power roller (like a foam roller), which can be customized to reduce cellulite.

keep cool torontoThe gym is equipped with the latest high-tech cardio machines from TechnoGym. You can watch TV, play video games while stair climbing, go for a ride on a virtual trail, or connect directly to your social apps.

keep cool torontoThe gym is WiFi accessible, and has a dedicated wellness app that tracks your fitness goals. Keep Cool features two curved treadmills, which look easy at first glance, but these self-powered treadmills push your body forward, creating momentum and a hard sweat.

keep cool torontoA single Cool membership is $49.90/month with no commitment and unlimited access to the gym. The Two Cool membership is $59.90/month and allows you to bring a friend with you to any workout. 

keep cool toronto

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