go go muscle training

Go Go Muscle Training

GoGo Muscle Training is a specialized type of training that will make you wonder if you’re really working out. You are. Outfitted in a Lara Croft-type black bodysuit, the XBody workout is an intense, and totally different experience than what you’re used to.

Using Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology, the bodysuit sends pulses, or micro-zaps, to contract your muscles in seven second intervals for 20 minutes.

go go muscle trainingAnd while that might seem like an odd way to get fit, after the first five minutes when the burn sets in, and the sweat starts to pour, you get it.

go go muscle trainingThe 20-minute workout is meant to replace your regular free weights in the gym. The bodysuit (where the magic happens) engages each muscle group with vests and pads built into it.

go go muscle trainingUnderneath the bodysuit, you’re wearing a thin black cotton shirt and leggings so the XBody suit can be as close to your body as possible. The zap is uncomfortable at first, but you quickly become accustomed to the pulses engaging your muscles.

go go muscle trainingEMS technology has been used for years by doctors and physiotherapists for muscle therapy, but EMS training and the XBody technology has recently been integrated into the fitness world.

go go muscle trainingThink of EMS as the deep tissue workout that combines high intensity interval training with six seconds breaks. The HIIT workout includes squats (so many squats), arm curls, an intense arb routine, glutes and planks.

go go muscle trainingLocated in Yorkville, GoGo Muscle Training is a great alternative if you’re short on time, have any injuries, or want to target and work on a particular muscle group.

go go muscle trainingThe studio has one training room with two mat stations for side-by-side training, and spinning bikes in the back. The two change rooms are fully equipped with showers, towels, hair dryers, and skincare products from Saje.

go go muscle trainingIf you’re skeptical that a 20-minute workout can give you results, I assure you, I was too. But the intensity of the workout is different from a regular 60-minute workout.

go go muscle trainingThe pulses are generated and delivered through electrodes above the muscles which stimulate the muscle so much that it causes them to contract and and add that extra ‘burn.’

go go muscle trainingThe result is supposed to mimic the actual movement of a muscle. The point is that you don’t need 60 minutes at the gym, you just need 20.

Mani Khajehnouri and Ali Mirkhan who founded GoGo Muscle take the time to understand your workout goals and give you all the breaks you need while you’re doing the workout.

go go muscle trainingThey customize the workout to your fitness capabilities. You can control the intensity of the electric pulses on your arms, thighs, back and glutes, and decide which area of the body you want to focus on.

go go muscle trainingI typically start with a pretty intense glute and leg workout, and finish with two-minutes of arms. The workout takes a lot out of you, so don’t think you’re going in for a 20-minute easy ride. You’ll leave sore and high on adrenaline, but you’ll be surprised by the toning the next day.

There are a few things I love about GoGo Muscle Training - how much fun I have doing this hard, but insanely effective workout, and the staff.

go go muscle trainingThe staff are extremely friendly, and professional. They take the time to get to know you, and take care of you inside the studio and outside. That extra attentiveness from the staff goes a long way. The workout is $99 per session or $499 for the unlimited monthly pack.

go go muscle training

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Go Go Muscle Training

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