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Bolo is a one-stop fitness space that combines a gym, coffee, lounge and salon into one place. Not restricted to just one workout, Bolo combines HIIT, core and cardio with its main foundation: boxing.

Bolo is a wellness and fitness dream destination for the modern-day hustler in a 7,000-square-foot space. The term Bolo stands for a type of boxing punch, but for founder, Caleigh Rykiss, Bolo is short for BodyLove.

bolo torontoRykiss intended for Bolo to be a space that didn’t make compromises. As a former TV producer turned freelancer, her days weren’t limited to one place. Her focus was on working out as a competitive boxer.

bolo torontoBolo began as a pop-up concept in collaboration with Toronto-based clothing brand, Knix Wear. After a successful nine months, Rykiss moved Bolo to its permanent and much bigger space at Richmond and Spadina.

bolo torontoBolo houses two fitness rooms, a salon, a massive workspace and a cafe serving healthy meals, coffee and smoothies. It’s a choose-your-own adventure space not exclusive to just fitness. 

Bolo lets you experiment with a mixture of cardio and boxing whether you’re a novice or total pro in the ring.

bolo torontoIts signature class, Bolo Boxing, is a technical style boxing class that teaches the basics of boxing with no prior experience required. The class leaves a satisfaction with the physical activity and the nuanced moves needed to perfect the punch.

bolo torontoBesides being a really great workout, boxing has the added benefit of being a stress-reliever. You can literally take out your stress on a traditional punching bag, or one of the water-based teardrop bags that are easier on  your hands.bolo torontoOther types of classes include HIIT boxing; a combo of HIIT exercises and boxing, and TRX/Bosu classes for a low-impact but highly challenging class half on the suspension straps(TRX), and half on the Bosu stability ball.

bolo torontoIt’s the 30-minute hot classes that stand out the most. Classes such as Glute Grind, Tabata and Hot Core Quencher. The skeptic in me didn’t believe that a 30-minute low-resistance workout would be hard or effective. I was proven wrong with every class.

bolo torontoThe classes are an incredible workout in a short amount of time which goes by extremely fast. This is one workout you’ll feel days after. 

bolo torontoIf you’re craving a sparring session in the ring, Bolo’s got that too. Canadian boxing champ, Mario Lechowski offers an hour-long class that teaches the sparring basics then tests your skills in the ring.

bolo torontoKeep in mind, you’re doing this in an open boxing ring while a hot class burns their glutes in one room and students punch bags in the open concept room beside you. 

bolo toronto

Bolo establishes that community feel and creates a space that feels safe for any level of experience.

bolo toronto

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