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I asked an AI chatbot to pitch a Toronto rom-com and the result was perfect

Toronto has played a background role in some great films over the past several years, showing a wide range from dark and foreboding in Denis Villeneuve's Enemy to the cheerful idealized Pixar version of the city featured in Domee Shi's Turning Red.

It has also been the setting of romantic comedies like the 2010 cult hit Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but the city still lacks a titular role in a major rom-com, and why shouldn't Canada's largest city get its own equivalent to Sleepless in Seattle?

So, in a quest to satiate the many local rom-com fans (of whom I am not one), I turned to artificial intelligence to pitch something that I, as a cold, jaded thirty-something, would be entirely out of my depth trying to create.

A Toronto-based rom-com.

To solve this self-created problem, I asked ChatGPT — a 2022-launched artificial intelligence chatbot — to "give me a two-paragraph pitch for a rom-com based in Toronto."

And oh, did it ever deliver. I present to you, the entirely AI-generated elevator pitch for Love in the 6ix.

"Love in the 6ix follows the story of Maya, a hopeless romantic and successful marketing executive, who finds herself disillusioned with love after a string of disappointing relationships. That is until she meets Alex, a charming and free-spirited artist, who challenges her beliefs about love and teaches her to embrace the unpredictable. As Maya starts to fall for Alex, she realizes that he has a secret that could change everything."

"Set against the backdrop of Toronto's vibrant arts scene and iconic landmarks, Love in the 6ix is a charming and relatable romantic comedy about taking risks, following your heart, and learning to love with an open mind. With a diverse cast, colourful cinematography, and a feel-good soundtrack, this film is sure to warm the hearts of audiences and leave them smiling long after the credits roll."

First off, you can hold the applause until we see some casting choices. Second, I know you're all wondering what Alex's big secret is. And, yes, I made sure to ask our robo-friend that question too.

After delivering a devastatingly convincing two-paragraph pitch, ChatGPT seemed to grow weary of my line of questioning, and really phoned it in for the big reveal of that Alex mystery.

"Alex's secret is not specified," said the chatbot in what has to be the ultimate AI cop-out.

"It can be anything that creates a conflict in the story and challenges Maya and Alex's relationship, adding tension and drama to the romantic storyline," says the AI bot as if I was a spoiled Hollywood exec failing to understand the subtleties of its craft.

"It could be anything from a past relationship, a personal obligation, or a hidden truth about his identity, etc. The secret is left open-ended, allowing for creative freedom in the script-writing process."

So, I guess we will have to wait for the inevitable sequel to figure out what Alex's deal really is.

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