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Jumbo Video store opens in Ontario

Attention all cinephiles! Do you miss the days of DVD rental stores? You know, actually browsing in person as opposed to scrolling for hours on end on a streaming service?

You might be shocked to hear it, but movie rental store, Jumbo Video, has reopened one of its locations in downtown Belleville, Ont. 

The revamped store came back just last month, opening its doors to anybody craving the nostaglic feel of picking out DVDs by hand. 

Co-owner Nigel Hartwell told The Globe and Mail that once the original owner of the Jumbo Video decided to close the shop last August, he knew there was an opportunity to buy the business. 

"I think now is the time. Belleville is the place because they had a video store, up to two years ago, and I've been right, they wanted it back," Hartwell told Global News

Aside from DVD rentals, you can expect to find your fair share of movie collectibles, including memorabilia and autographed items. 

Jumbo Video is offering 10,000 titles for a monthly subscription of $19.99, a figure that's competitive with other streaming services. You'll also have the option to rent a film and swap it for another whenever you want. 

There will also be an old-style Jumbo Video popcorn machine at the store, filling up the entire space with that hot and buttery smell we associate with watching our favourite movies. 

Jumbo Video currently has two locations across Ontario, one at 1080 Adelaide Street North in London, and the most recent at 318 Front Street in Belleville. 

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