Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard arrives in Toronto for the most anticipated movie of the season

Wednesday night at the Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond St. in Toronto was filled with stars and fans as Swedish-actor Alexander Skarsgård made an appearance for the premiere of Infinity Pool.

Skarsgård, alongside co-stars John Ralston, Amanda Brugel and director Brandon Cronenberg, walked the red carpet as fans waved their signs in the theater. 

Cronenberg, the son of illustrious filmmaker David Cronenberg, seemed to be enjoying his visit back to his hometown despite the snowy weather.

The director/writer has been known for exploring unconventional themes, specifically with body horror, a familial theme for the Cronenbergs. 

Alexander Skarsgard

The stars walked the red carpet as fans pilled in the theater venue, chatting with fans and getting ready to showcase the sci-fi horror.

Cronenberg's latest film, after the success of Anti-Viral and Possessor, shows off his love for out of the ordinary horror.

The film explores the themes of wealth and a group of six's exploits at a resort, breaking the barrier of morals and ethics. We watch as James Foster played by Skarsgårds, a 'failed' writer, go through the most psychoactive experience on vacation.

Basically, there are no rules and crime is merely just a word. If you're rich enough to afford it, you'll live to get away with it. 

When Brugel, who plays one of the members of the group, was asked in three words what the movie encompasses, she said "Fuck. The. Rich."

While I watched the movie, I was constantly thrown a curve ball through every scene. You'd never truly expect whats next and that stays true to Cronenberg's filmmaking, and it does leave you thinking of Brugel's answer.

It truly was a captivating film to watch, with the constant use of strobe and flashing lights. If you want a film that takes you on the most chaotic yet mind-altering journey, Infinity Pool is it. 

Over the past year, movies critiquing the wealthy and their behviour has been popular, and in my opinion, Cronenberg's work hold a high spot when it comes to its message. 

The movie premiered at Sundance on Jan., 20 and was applauded for its themes and using gore and violence to illustrate the exploits of the rich. 

infinity pool movie

Cineplex decorated its interior with the film posters, and drapped the red carpet in red and black themes.

Infinity Pool posters were lined across the venue, with a large sign spelling the title at the end of the carpet. Skarsgårds energy was incredibly social, making sure fans were given the chance to meet him, staying back even as crowds was ushered into the screening. 

Inside, the movie theatre was dressed with the dauntening red title of the film, giving a moody yet thrilling effect.

Looking up at the screen, I was greeted with Skarsgårds and co-star Mia Goth melting into a puddle -- or part of the 'Infinity Pool' (a reference that will make sense, I promise.) 

The theater was packed to the brim, and the audiences was treated to a Q & A alongside the cast and Cronenberg. Shortly after the screening, with the movie fresh in everyones minds, an after-party was held at nearby Soluna on Queen West.

"The sex and the violence are almost like dance choreography, it's a very pragmatic thing because everyone is professional," said Cronenberg about the more intense scenes.

infinity pool movie

The theater was packed with fans ready to see Skarsgårds latest performance.

For those who couldn't make it, you can now catch the film in theaters at your nearest Cineplex. 

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim

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