the rock at leafs game

The Rock pronounced Toronto correctly at a Maple Leafs game and people are loving it

At The Toronto Maple Leafs' opening game on Thursday night, Hollywood superstar Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson made a suprise appearance, shocking fans with his peculiar Leafs chant.

"Lets go Leafs!" he could be heard saying in videos shot at the game.

Although it wasn't the team's official chant, fans were on board anyway, chanting alongside the actor and long time WWE wrestler.

While Johnson, in his WWE days, once said that "The Maple Leafs suck," it really goes to show that time can change a man.

If your heart broke a teeny bit while watching Johnson chant the wrong words, worry not, for the actor took it upon himself to prounouce "Toronto" correctly, leaving out the second hard "T" at the end of the word, like a true Torontonian.

If one thing is true though, its that Johnson has an undeniable love for the City of Toronto, and it really shows.

In a quote tweet from The Maple Leafs' Twitter page, the actor said "Thank you Toronto for the passion, energy & mana. Love U back".

It's probably safe to say that, through all of this, Johnson has officially earned Toronto's seal of approval.

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