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Someone asked Brendan Fraser to sign a strange sea shell in Toronto and he declined

This is very weird. Beloved actor Brendan Fraser was in Toronto meeting fans when he was asked to sign a very strange object.

Fraser was in town on Sunday night for the official Toronto International Film Festival screening of The Whale, when he stopped outside the Royal Alexandra Theatre to sign some autographs for extremely patient fans.

And one such fan was Jayden Lebel, who waited five hours to ask Fraser a very important question.

Would he sign the monch? Monch = mouth conch.

Lebel was holding a very creepy sea shell creation, with a mouth, tongue and set of teeth, he lovingly refers to as the monch. 

Appearing to be severely creeped out, Lebel tells blogTO Frasier very politely declined to sign the monch and served up a hilarious face instead. 

"Well when he first saw it he had a disgusted look on his face. I said to him that ‘I know it's weird but I'd love it if he could sign it,’ then he said no thanks and avoided eye contact."

Lebel found the monch some years ago at a local Value Village and took it home, where the human shell make a staple decoration in his apartment.

There's been a running joke between Lebel and his friends about some celebrity signing the monch and he believed the right opportunity to fulfill this joke was on Sunday night, especially because of his love for Fraser.

"It was very embarrassing at first because he signed for just about everyone and was really nice," said Lebel.

But he didn't go home emptied handed.

Luckily he snapped the exact moment when Fraser's eyes land on the monch and his face tells it all.

brendan fraser toronto

Brendan Fraser the moment he laid eyes on the monch. 

"But since I saw that photo it's so much better," said Lebel.

An experience I’m sure both parties will never forget, Lebel is hoping Frasrer will appear at a comic con event to try his luck again at a monch signing.

"It's saved exclusively to be signed by him," he said.

Lead photo by

Jayden Lebel

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