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10 highly-anticipated movies getting their world premiere at TIFF 2022

One of the biggest draws of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is its impressive slate of World Premieres. With titles using our city as a jumping off point for a substantial festival/theatrical run or the first stop in a long awards season, these films stand to capture attention not only of local audiences but for people around the world.

The competition is fierce - Venice starts at the end of August, and Telluride, which takes place days before our local event, has a long history of spoiling TIFF's fun through unofficial "sneak" peaks for those affluent enough to attend.

For a public-forward festival Toronto remains one of the best on the calendar to allow audiences to experience these major works before anyone else.

Here are some of the most anticipated World Premieres to play TIFF 2022.


Nick Stoller directs Billy Eichner in this satirical rom-com with an LGBTQ+ twist, when a podcast host falls for Aaron (Luke Macfarlance) and his views on romance and how he self-identifies are upended.

The trailer looks great, and if it's as smart, funny and warm as it teases this may well prove to be one of the biggest breakout hits of the year.

The Fabelmans

Stephen Spielberg is a legend, but his films rarely find a home at fests. Making his TIFF debut, the World Premiere of his autobiographical tale is a major get.

With Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen and Gabriel LaBelle in what promises to be a breakout performance, this love letter to loving movies is a dream selection.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Rian Johnson has had many of his films debut here (his stellar Looper is among the best ever opening night selections), and it's no mystery that his Knives Out sequel has plenty of people excited.

Daniel Craig is back and Benoit Blanc, and is joined by a murders row of amazing performers. Dark, funny and sharp, this promises to be a wild ride.

Documentary Now!

This won't be the first mock-doc to play the fest (the mighty Best in Show premiered here years ago, for one), but three episodes of the brilliant, satirical love letter to classic non-fiction is getting the full fest treatment, and I for one am extremely excited to see the latest of this brilliant series.

The Swimmers

Sally El Hosaini's film is the story of two Syrian sisters who flee their home Damascus, engage in a tumultuous journey to Europe, all while holding a dream to participate in the Olympics.

With its mix of personal sacrifice, political drama and the grandeur of sport on the world stage, all the ingredients are here for an audience friendly hit.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Lest we forget, before it took home three Oscars Peter Farrelly's Green Book took home the People's Choice award here at TIFF. In his follow up he's back with this tale of a veteran trying to bring booze to the soldiers in-country during the Vietnam war. 

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Daniel Radcliffe stars in a "Weird" Al Yankovic biopic - What more could you possibly want? Well, how about Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento, Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, and Yankovic himself co-scripting this bonkers biopic. Be sure to squeeze(box) this one in!

Wendell & Wild

Henry Selick, the legendary stop-motion filmmaker, joins up with Jordan Peele for this story about a couple demons joining forces with a goth teen to defeat their nemesis.

Keegan-Michael Key, Ving Rhames, Lyric Ross, Angela Bassett, James Hong (!) and Peele himself lend their voices to what make well prove to be a future animated classic.

The Woman King

Gina Prince-Bythewood's directs Viola Davis in this true story about a legendary warrior. Viola Davis plays Nanisca, leader of teh Agojie who are tasked with protecting the Kingdom of Dahomey.

A powerful tale of warrior women that's lifted from history rather than comic books, there's plenty to be excited about this project.

Prisoner's Daughter

Catherine Hardwicke, known primarily for the hugely successful Twilight films, presents this emotionally raw family drama starring Brian Cox and Kat Beckinsale.

Promising powerful performances and a moving storyline, this is exactly the kind of more "quiet" film that can get plenty of attention within the curated slate of the festival.

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