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People are freaking out after Cineplex adds new fee for online purchases

At a time when movie theatres are already struggling to get film fans off their couches and into seats, many are bewildered by Cineplex's latest decision to add a new booking fee for anyone purchasing tickets online. 

The company announced this week that it would be introducing a new $1.50 booking fee for all tickets purchased through its mobile app and website, according to a report from the Canadian Press, with the company saying it needs "to further invest and evolve [its] digital infrastructure."

The new fee won't apply to tickets bought in-person at the box office, ticket kiosks, or concession stands, nor will it apply to CineClub subscribers. Members of the Scene Plus rewards program will meanwhile have their fee reduced to $1 per ticket.

Shortly after the announcement began circulating online, social media exploded with complaints and eye rolls from Canadians who are straight-up confused by the news. 

Many are saying that paperless, online purchases should technically be less expensive than buying in-person, not the other way around. 

And others are highlighting the fact that going to the movie theatre is already unaffordable for many, especially as inflation has drastically increased the overall cost of living lately. 

Some are also wondering why film-goers are being punished for choosing the more environmentally friendly option.

And many are saying the move is yet another reason to stick to streaming, which is the opposite of what Cineplex needs to recoup their pandemic losses. 

Some people are also pointing out how frustrating it is that Cineplex has a monopoly on cinema in Canada, making it challenging for indie theatres to survive. 

And some are also pointing out how expensive tickets and snacks already are, making the new fee seem all the more excessive. 

With movie theatres already struggling to stay afloat in Canada, it's a wonder why Cineplex would want to give film lovers yet another reason to stay home and watch Netflix. 

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