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Action-packed scenes unfold as a new Batman series begins shooting in Toronto

A motorcade of police vehicles speeding through the city over the weekend was no cause for concern, as it was just a coordinated film shoot for the latest major production to use Toronto as a backdrop.

Prop vehicles with black and white Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) livery offered up a hint to passersby that the staged commotion was for a film shoot set within the Batman universe, crews now filming the pilot episode of the CW's latest DC Comics-based television series, Gotham Knights.

The show takes place in the aftermath of the murder of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and follows the journey of his adopted son.

Its titular Gotham City has been depicted every which way over the years, from the nightmarish comic book-inspired Tim Burton films to the obviously Chicago-like Gotham of the later Christopher Nolan series.

Toronto stood in for Gotham once before in the unbelievably disappointing 2016 box office bomb, Suicide Squad. Despite a lousy showing last time, Toronto has once again been cast as the fictional city for Gotham Knights.

Even when captured idle in daylight, the squad cars and paddy wagons made for some moody scenes in the Financial District.

And the atmosphere came alive after dark, with the blue and red glow of Gotham City police cars bouncing off skyscrapers in the King and Bay area.

Clips of the movie set processed in black and white give off a film noir vibe, the soft light from streetlights and surrounding buildings reflecting off the wet streets.

And it looks like a prominent Canadian restaurant brand may have expanded its presence to the Gotham City of this screen universe.

So if you're looking for a mid-priced steak in the fictional crime capital of North America, The Keg has got you covered.

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