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Jamie Foxx reveals he once got dumped for taking a girl to Wasaga Beach

Though we have tons of lakes and sandy shores that become bustling in the summer time, Ontario isn't exactly world renowned for its beaches — something that actor and singer Jamie Foxx learned the hard way, according to a new interview.

When sitting down for 40 minutes with the hosts of the Full Send Podcast late last week, Foxx spoke fondly of Toronoto and shared his knowledge of the city, having been here many a time.

He also shared a bit of an embarassing anecdote about a time he was actually dumped by a girlfriend for taking her to what is perhaps the best beach destination the region has to offer.

"My girlfriend broke up with me, it was a girl that I was dating in L.A., and I f***ed up, it was her birthday," Foxx details, bonding with interviewer Kyle Forgeard, YouTube star and a Mississauga native himself.

"[I was in] Toronto and she was in L.A., so I asked what I should do, and one of my dudes said 'you've got to take her to Wasaga Beach, bro.' I was like 'babe, they've got a beach! They've got a beach out here!'"

Unfortunately, Wasaga — known for its disruptively large car rallies, massive crowds of messy partiers who don't clean up after themselves, school graduation trips and, last summer, a stabbing — apparently did not live up to the unnamed woman's standards for her big birthday celebrations.

"It didn't look like this beach," Foxx said, referencing the California locale in which the group were sitting during the shoot at Wires Only HQ. "It was a little different, so my girl was like 'what in the blue f*** is going on."

"I could understand how it's a whole lot of fun. I had a good time, but she was like 'I ain't with this s***, this doesn't look like Malibu.'"

Foxx did go on to say that he always has a good time in Toronto, which he called a dope city where everyone seems to have rhythm and the food is great, especially in Yorkville.

But as cool as the city is to visit, celebrities who have never ventured out of it should be forewarned that Ontario's idea of a fun day at the beach won't likely measure up to anything that they're used to.

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