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Simu Liu wins People's Choice Award and says he's glad he didn't work in finance

Simu Liu just took home the 2021 People's Choice Award for Action Movie Star, and the internet is totally loving it.

We here in Toronto couldn't be more proud of our literal hometown hero, who's gone on quite a journey from starring in locally-based Kim's Convenience to becoming the main character in Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Simu Liu himself was tweeting the night of the ceremony, writing "Holy crap."

He also tweeted after winning and hugging fellow winner Tom Hiddleston, "I just hugged Tom Hiddleston and I'm still in shock."

(He actually manifested it. Apparently that does work for him.)

There were also photos of him getting cozy with Dwayne Johnson at the ceremony.

In his speech, he emphasized the importance of giving yourself permission to follow your dreams, saying he never would have made it to this point if he had continued on his early path in finance which he didn't love.

He also referenced the 1970s origins of the concept for the Shang-Chi movie, saying a lot of work was done to make this much more than just an action movie.

It was the 47th year of the People's Choice Awards, the 2021 ceremony taking place on Dec. 7. 

Simu Liu fans that were on the edge of their seats can rest easy knowing he'd won.

People have also been tweeting that this award is a major win for Asian representation.

Even someone who wasn't so satisfied with the awards in general was happy about the win for Liu.

Marvel fans were stoked in general, however, as Marvel cleaned up at the awards: along with Liu and Hiddleston, Loki and Black Widow also got lots of recognition, Scarlett Johansson also receiving an award.

Fans of Liu and Marvel are pretty dedicated, so they can be forgiven for freaking out a bit.

While it's a win for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also makes you wonder what else could be possible for Liu in Hollywood.

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Simu Liu

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