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Dan Levy reveals a new look and people have thoughts

Canadian actor, Dan Levy, starring as David Rose in the CBC sitcom Schitt's Creek and fashion icon, has a new look and people have been... reacting.  

Dan Levy posted a photo to his Instagram with actress Aubrey Plaza who is well-known for her role in Parks and Recreation with the caption: "Ran into my favourite witch in Tuscany".

The duo are pictured in 70's inspired attire. Dan Levy is wearing orange transparent aviator sunglasses, a plaid button-up and a full stache and has a rather interesting hairstyle that was likely achieved through the use of hair-rollers, similar to the ones Plaza is seen wearing in the picture. 

A comment on the Instagram post reads "We need a movie with the two of you as the main characters... I would probably be crying of laughter the entire time." 

In a tweet, the actor was compared to the character Theodore in the film Her played by Joaquin Phoenix. 

Others had more explicit comments...

Regardless, many think Levy looks great and I personally can't wait to see what's next for him. Hey, maybe it'll be a new comedy with Aubrey Plaza. 

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Dan Levy

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