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Vandals cause havoc at drive-in movie theatre near Toronto and it was caught on video

Drive-in theatres may be closed during the current province wide shutdown, but that apparently isn't enough to stop vandals from breaking in to kick them while they're down.

Rubbing salt in the wounds of Newmarket's Stardust Drive-In which has been closed since April 2, video cameras caught a bunch of teenagers breaking in and doing some major damage.

Money was stolen from the till, security cameras were stolen, windows were broken, and the group was seen climbing onto a rooftop, setting fires, and roasting hot dogs on the open flame.

Despite security cameras being stolen, the recorded video had been saved to the online cloud where the Premier Drive-In Theatres that owns Stardust was able to see the footage and post it online to help identify the suspects.

Within a few days of the video being published, those involved have been identified and the matter is now being handled by police. 

"It's not about revenge, it's about accountability," Premier Theatres owner Brian Allen told blogTO.

Despite the damage done, Allen says that his team is ready to open their theatres within a days notice of being allowed to do so.

Other than having to replace windows and security cameras, and do some repairs to their roof, the team at Stardust and other Premier Drive-In theatres around the GTA are eager to reopen once Ford gives the word.

Like many others, Allen and his team are surprised that they even had to close considering how at his drive-in guests control all their own safety.

Food was delivered directly to vehicles, and other than using the washroom there was never any need for anyone to exit their own car.

"It should be included as part of outdoor activities. We're selling safety, a mental health outlet and a night out," Allen said. "I'd open next week if I could, but we'll follow protocol."

With June 2 as the current target date for reopening, Newmarket's Stardust Drive-In is hoping for an reopening as hot as the fire on their rooftop was.

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