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Neil Patrick Harris sanitizes his mouth and underwear while quarantining in Toronto

Hollywood actor and Broadway performer Neil Patrick Harris recently arrived in Toronto to film a new comedy called 8 Bit Christmas, and it seems the mandatory 14-day quarantine is really starting to get to him.

The How I Met Your Mother star has been staying at a local hotel since he first arrived in the city nearly two weeks ago thanks to Canada's strict quarantine laws, and he's been posting daily videos on his Instagram page to show his 8.5 million followers how he's been passing the time

The clips have become increasingly hilarious yet slightly concerning over the course of his stay — showing just how taxing it can be on the mind to be stuck inside alone for an extended period of time.

In one of his most recent videos, Harris can be seen spraying the hotel bathroom with "sanitizer" before hilariously using it to clean his shirtless torso, armpits, underwear and mouth.

"Quarantine Day 12 of 14: Cleaning," he wrote in the caption. "I like doing this daily, just to maintain my sanity. #ohwait."

And if you need even more evidence that Harris is slowly losing his mind in quarantine, look no further than any of the other videos he's posted in the last few days. 

The actor has shared clips of himself having an imaginary knife fight with a pot on his head, throwing raw eggs at a cabinet and typing "All lockdown and no play makes Neil a dull boy" countless times on an old typewriter.

Even his Instagram captions have become difficult to understand, with one recent video showing him doing several magic tricks accompanied by the caption, "Quarantine Day 11 of 14: I'm losing all sense of time..!!..emit fo esnes lla gnisol m'I: 41 fo 11 yaD enitnarauQ."

And his most recent post, shared on the second-to-last day of his quarantine period Wednesday, needs no explanation. 

But while Harris' increasingly deranged videos may make for some great lockdown entertainment, here's hoping he gets out of that hotel room soon — both for the sake of his own sanity and ours.

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Neil Patrick Harris sanitizes his mouth and underwear while quarantining in Toronto

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